Monday, February 26, 2007

Proof That Greek Women Who Abort Are Money Hungry

This disgusting display of greed by today's selfish and morally debauched Greek woman is proof that we too can have a skyrocketing population like Algeria or Turkey, if only Greek women chose to have babies , instead of planning to have fatter bank accounts for cars, clothes and vacations. In my experience , the Greek women who abort all do so overwhelmingly for reason of money, arguing that "its expensive to raise children" and to "pay for their education" We don't need a Greece filled with luxuries and college educations, we need Greeks, to fill our empty living space, to fight our future battles, to fill the world with Greeks, not to fill the plans of the evil one.

Baby bonus plan prompts rise in abortion inquiries

Helena Smith in Athens

Monday February 26, 2007The Guardian
A proposal by the Cypriot government to pay women a £24,000 "baby bonus" for a third child has resulted in a flood of inquiries about abortions from women considering delaying having a baby, MPs say


Anonymous Crvena zvezda said...

Considering that a similar program in Italy has failed to increase birth rates it is unlikely that such a program will increase birth rates. What you need is an outright ban on abortion, restrict the travel of pregnant women abroad (so that they don't go to Holland or some other place for an abortion) and then introduce incentives.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In agreement with the steps proposed. A national revival and a spiritual reawakening are needed for a complete overhaul of the degenerate values that are devaluing the racial health of our soicieties. With decadent "democratic" governments this will remain an impossible goal. It is easier and cheaper, for the "democratic" credo, to let the thirld world sows produce piglets without restraint. What is needed is a nationalist government that can diffuse and spread national urgency to its biological members of the nation.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

It's things like this -- Greek women showing willingness to murder their unborn children so that they won't lose a possibility to earn some financial gain -- that make me wonder if it wouldn't have been better for our race to have been assimilated by some superior civilization with a sense of ethics, honor, and integrity some time in the past, before we fell. Because, with actions of such absolute evil, degeneracy, and barbarity, we are clearly no longer such a civilization. Greeks, as a whole, do not deserve to wear the mantle of Hellene anymore. Perhaps the minority of Greeks who still remain devoted to Orthodoxy and Nation will one day make us worthy to call ourselves Romioi/Orthodox Hellenes again and, perhaps, that's why we still persist.

12:36 PM  

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