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Message From A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade : Protesting Letter Against the Falsification of Hellenic History


The 6th grade History book (click to download the entire book) which is being taught since the beginning of the school year in all public Greek schools of the elementary level, constitutes the Trojan horse of economic liberalism and projects the New Order globalization behind its reforming wrapping. It is the first time ever that school books were authored following a competition, which was announced by the Pedagogic Institute, according to the new Interdisciplinary Unified Framework of Study.

The aforementioned book comes in contrast to the unanimous decisions of Greek Parliament, it counterfeits History, exonerates Turkish nationalism, it suppresses the prosecutions of Christian populations and particularly offends the Hellenes of Asia Minor, Thrace and Constantinople who suffered Genocide.

The authors of the 6th grade History book present the students (pg.100) a romanticized image of the perpetrator of Hellenic Genocide, Moustafa Kemal who is reported as "the leader of the liberation struggle of Turks." In the same page (100) the drama of the Hellenes of Smyrna is presented as departure for an amusing trip: "Thousands of Hellenes squeezed in the harbor trying to board…" Two carefully selected sources in page 72, project a hint of contestation of Greece's right to claim Macedonia.

According to the Center of Democracy and Reconciliation in South Eastern Europe (CDRSEE) is an NGO which is funded, inter alia, by USAID, the Foundations of Open Society, governments of various European States, as well as the private sector, such as Titan Cements, Coca-Cola HBN, National Bank of Greece and Alpha Bank.

The "Center of Democracy and Reconciliation in South Eastern Europe" has published a series of four books of alternative teaching which are promoted to secondary level of the Greek education system (Download all four books in English, Greek and Serbian: ). Generally speaking in these books in which supposedly a "Common History of Balkan Countries" has been authored, it is noted that the Greek history perishes and a methodical abortion of Greek historical memory and a national discoloration of Hellenes are attempted. Moreover efforts are being made by the New Order of Things to impose in the Balkans a preparation without reaction, which encourages and promotes Slavic and Turkish dominance. In conclusion we could say that the Romanian and the Turk who wrote the 1st volume, the Romanian who wrote the 2nd volume, the Bulgarian who wrote the 3rd volume and the Croatian who wrote the 4th volume totally buried Hellas and Hellenic history.

Critique on the Joint History Project Books

1. The role of the political and military leaders as historic personalities is downgraded and through doubtful sources, the author of history appears to be the anonymous crowd.

2. The Balkan states appear to be products of the Ottoman Empire that is projected in a completely unhistorical fashion from the beginning of 14 A.D. until the 20th century. Byzantium is totally ignored thus the Byzantine era disappears from any historic context.

3. The Struggle of 1821 is completely absent and only Adamantios Korais' " Polemic Chant" and certain selective extracts from the Proclamation of Alexandros Ypsilantis are documented.

4. The Macedonian Struggle is presented as a Bulgarian Struggle for Macedonia's independence from the Ottoman Empire, even though the FYROM, which is presented as "Macedonia", usurps the Ilinten uprising.

5. There is an unacceptable projection of the FYROM as Macedonia and its inhabitants as THE Macedonians-but foreign to Greek nationality-who are the descendants of King Philip and Alexander the Great.

6. Documentation of Greek sources is very limited, while Slav and Turkish sources are multitudinous.

7. Bulgarian and Turkish atrocities against the Greeks are suppressed.

8. The assumed historical evidence emanates from doubtful and suspect sources without scientific prestige. It is remarkable that is cited nowhere, not even in the bibliography, the prestigious, scientific work of Apostlolos Vakolopoulos, "History of Modern Hellenism", based on most valid sources.

9. There is apparent favoritism toward the Jews.

10. Comparative tables with statistical elements for the population of Macedonian cities are mentioned vindicating the Slavs (Serbs, Bulgarians), thus creating doubt for the reliability of Greek statistical tables.

11.There are misleading images of cities and costumes not favoring the Greek population.

12. EOKA is presented as a risky and terrorist organization.

General Observations on JHP Books

a) Greek history is non-existent and a methodical abortion of Greek historical memory and national discoloration of the Greeks is attempted.

b) Preparation without reaction in imposing the new order of things in the Balkans is being attempted, encouraging the Slavs and Turks.

In conclusion we could say that the Romania and Turk who wrote the first volume, the Romanian who wrote the second volume, the Bulgarian who wrote the third volume and the Croat who wrote the fourth volume literally buried Greece and Greek history.

Some paradigms:

The propaganda against Macedonia's Greeknes is apparent: In pages 107-108 of the second book Nations and States of Southeast Europe, Gjiorgii Pulevski's poem can be found (although in these pages the national anthems of various Balkan countries are depicted, the"academicians" selected this particular poem of the aforementioned poet which does not give the reader an occasion to contest the "Macedonism" of Greece's northern neighbors). In pages 48-49 the FYROM usurps Bulgarian history (Ilinten, Kroushevo etc), while in the existing maps (p. 57 - Southeastern Europe after Versailles and Lausanne 1923) anyone can distinguish in southern Serbia, the word "Macedonia", while we know too well that the name of this region during that era was simply Southerner Serbia and around 1929 became Vardarska Banovina.

A quick look at the aforementioned sites where you can find these books and Antivaro's web site will give you a good idea of the problem which our new Hellenic generation is facing.

Please join the individuals who signed the protesting letter which originated by Antivaro:
and do not forget to sign your name, title, institution, City and Country.

Also please go to this link of Antivaro's webpage and read the press release of Etaireia Makedonikwn Spoudwn in Thessaloniki about the history book of 6th grade:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and this false narration of history is flooding greek classrooms ? But it is to be expected. the direction the greek state is heading toward is to an amalmagation of life forms in the balkan area. Borders and frontiers will be scaled down and erradicated, the history of its peoples rewritten. Greece is the smallest balkan nation, and therefore it is targeted as an easy picking, squeezed between the turks and bulgars. Serbia has been taken care of, vanquished and occupied, and its territory truncated. Their history is also going to be rewritten. This things are happening and greeks appear defenceless . There is no ethnic awareness as before, the land is a funnel for the movement of peoples from the entire cosmos, and is such a complex process one can not avoid inheriting the silt. It is the melting pot process.

It favors jews ? Of course it will favor the cosmosvision of the victors. Today the EU is a legacy of the defeat and occupation of europe after the catastrophe of 1945. Very few are aware that the occupation of europe is continuing, that the war technically speaking is not over since there never was a peace treaty. It is superfluous now even to have one, the ocuupation starting in 1945 was followed by a carefully crafted policy of population invasion from the rst of the non european world, a lowering and debasing of european institutions, culture, and the adoption of the mores and exotericist forms of the victors. Since the victors were the jews, international jewry, the educational and scholarly production to keep a population brainwashed and indoctrinated will originate out from the jewish literary studios.

It is the melting pot philosophy, the globalist , communist, egalitarian weapon of mass destruction. First they defeat europe, then occupy it, then begin the indoctrination process, the replacement of its biological inhabitants, then rewrite the history books to fit in with the new "realities " in the ground.

This type of subversion not to be confounded with education it is directed from the UN agencies and other international bodies and its surrogateagencies , like the EU. operating freely and unrestrained in european nations, dictating, guiding the governing principles and imposing the credo and dogma of universalims, one worldism, globalism and ruthless mongrelisation of european nations and the gradual replacement of its original biological inhabitants.

To reawaken the slumbering soul of the european,to shake out the senescence mist engulfing every single european nation, of which greeks are one of its primary victims, one must begin with the end of the military occupation of europe and the removal of bases and armies from european soil by the judeo-american forces. This is a sine-qua-non.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Milosh Dumanovic said...

This is outright evil.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Typical. Stupid puppet government's.
supressing Turk's geneocide of Greeks. Stupid puppet Turk-Manlis.

2:20 AM  

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