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The Jews, The "Shabbos Goy" , The Western Media And "The Tomb Of Jesus" Propaganda

I discovered on ABC News that the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece has openly condemned "The Lost Tomb Of Jesus" by filmmaker James Cameron .The article only talks of "Shabbos Goy" James Cameron and carefully neglects to mention the many Jews who co-produced and helped to promote and widely circulate this anti-Christian blasphemy, much like the old days when Jews would hire a good 'Shabbos Goy" to sweep floors in their synagogues and act as a front man to ,lets say, sell Christmas trees to "dumb goyim" ( yiddish for non-Jew) and man the cashier , so as not to arouse any suspicions about the true owners ,backers and profiteers .

If it weren't for the research of Holocaust Revisionist Michael Hoffman, as related in the previous blog entry "Fight Back Against anti-Christ Propaganda With Boycotts And Holocaust Revisionism" I too would not have known that James Cameron was not alone in the "Lost Tomb Of Jesus" propaganda. Acccording to the ABC News article he's also behind previous propaganda attacking our Orthodox Christian monasteries in Sinai ,apparently he's making lots of money for himself and for Jews, thanks to the demonic thirst of your average American mass man for blasphemy and filth.


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This is the leader of their discovery team:

Simcha Jacobovici.

Here's what I found about him.

[quote]Leading the latest Discovery documentary team was director Simcha Jacobovici, who was at the centre of a similar stir four years ago when he produced another piece for the cable company. That documentary focused on an ossuary that was thought to be the oldest archaeological find to bolster the Bible. It bore the inscription: James son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.

Within months, however, Israel's Antiquities Authority deemed the ossuary a fake. Israel charged the antiquities dealer who owned it with being part of an artifact forgery ring, and the historic find was treated as a joke.

Jacobovici said he continued to believe in the findings and to stand by his work.[/quote]

LOL and this is their expert.

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Also many people back than had the same name's, for example Jesus' younger brothers were named James, Joses, Judas and Simon.
Now apart from ''Joses'', all of Jesus' brothers happened to have the same name's as 3 of Jesus' disciples. Even Judas.

And the idea is that Jesus' bones were in the tomb according to the discovery. Meaning Jesus did NOT rise from the dead, if the real Jesus' bones were actually found in the tomb.
Yet this alone proves that this is not Jesus tomb. Why?
Because according to us Christians Jesus' bones wouldn't be in his grave coz he rosefrom the dead. Now if he's bones were still really in his tomb, back in the time of St. Paul when Paul was preaching that Jesus rose from the dead, people could of easily have gone to Jesus' grave and showed Paul and the disciples Jesus' bones therefore proving Paul and the other disciples wrong, therefore shutting Paul and the disciples up. But this did not happen. Jesus' bones were not in his tomb. Therefore they couldn't prove Paul and the disciples wrong. Therefore did the bones magically appear back in the tomb? According to the ugly Jew, James Cameron they did.

(pic of the ugly Jew. James Cameron)

PS. James Cameron's Titanic movie sucked!! Most overated and gayest movie ever!!

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