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Hellenic Nationalist Comrade Writes Of Chinese And Ukranian Use Of Aborted Babies For Cream And To Harvest Stem Cells

Last year, it was discovered that a Chinese cosmetics company was using the bodies of aborted children and executed convicts to develop wrinkle cream which was sold to European countries. After this was exposed, the spokesman from the company was shocked that people were opposed at this "normal" practice. In his words:

"A lot of the research is still carried out in the traditional manner using skin from the executed prisoners and aborted fetus. In China it is considered very normal and I was very shocked that Western countries can make such a big fuss about this".

These demented attitudes are no surprise when one considers that China forces women to have abortions against their will and performs unethical, barbaric experiments such as ones that involve putting animal DNA into human embryos and then killing the genetically-altered human being. Greece and other Orthodox Christian nations should break off trade with China given that they murder innocent human beings and then sell us products containing human parts.

Here follow several articles that mention this practice (notice how the "progressive" media outlets downplay the use of aborted fetuses and emphasize the use of convicts' body parts instead of giving both equal attention):

Cosmetics Company Uses Aborted Babies in Products
Report: Cosmetics firm using remains of executed Chinese
[3] The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners

As the following article demonstrates, the jump from abortion to infanticide is never great. When the sanctity of human life is denied and undermined, this is the inevitable result. That Ukraine -- an Orthodox Christian nation -- has become the "stem-cell capital of the world" is particularly troubling. It seems that Orthodox Christians have become the leaders in murdering their own children.

This article also implicates capitalism and big business in promoting abortion and experimentation on the unborn (as well as infants in this case). Given the very clear role capitalism plays, one would think that leftists would eventually arrive at a pro-life position and yet they still support these atrocities. But leftists, despite their insecure declarations of being "revolutionaries", have always been reactionaries and this mentality accounts for such positions. Why does the left support abortion? Because they perceive the political right as being opposed to it. There is leftist "wisdom" for you: instead of analyzing the issue to arrive at the correct conclusion and reach an ethical position on the matter (i.e., that abortion is a clear violation of human rights and cannot be justified on any grounds), the left is satisfied with knee-jerk reactionism as the basis of its ideology and, therefore, prefers to do the opposite of whatever the right does. And this goes for most of their ideological positions. Although this is the left's excuse for supporting the greatest human rights violation and crime against humanity, what is the "excuse" of Orthodox Christians who abort their children?

-Hellenic Nationalist comrade

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Partial-birth abortion revisited


by Rebecca Grace

In the Ukraine, investigators are exploring the possibility that healthy infants and preborns were killed for stem-cell experimentation. It is speculated that the babies' organs were
extracted after allegedly being stolen from mothers by staff at Maternity Hospital Number Six in the eastern city of Kharkov.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) claims to have a video showing the autopsy examination of 30 infants and fetuses that were exhumed from a cemetery used by the Ukrainian maternity hospital. The video was also turned over to the Council of Europe who is now carrying out its own investigation as a response to about 300 families who are coming forward with charges against the hospital for allegedly taking and killing their newborns.

Pictures from the autopsies reveal tiny dismembered bodies with missing organs and brains. Since dismemberment of bodies is not a standard post-mortem practice, it is likely the babies were harvested for the high amounts of stem cells in their brains and bone marrow.

It is a recognized practice in the Ukraine, the stem-cell capital of the world, to take stem cells from aborted fetuses with the mothers' consent. Due to the increasing worldwide demand for stem cells, it is possible healthy newborns are now being used to feed this demand. These healthy babies mysteriously "die" following a successful birth.

Such is likely the case for Ukrainian couple Dimitry and Olena Stulnev who had their baby at Maternity Hospital Number Six.

"I gave birth to a healthy girl," Olena said. "She was crying and moving her hands and legs. I was shown the baby. After that the girl was taken away. They told me everything was OK, and I could see her the next day."

Olena never saw her baby again. She was told the next day that her baby was dead and given conflicting stories as to the reason for the child's death. The couple began investigating the death of their child but got nowhere. The more they pried, the less information they got.

Even today, Ukrainian authorities and hospital staff remain tight-lipped about the suspected use of newborns for stem-cell research.

According to investigative reporter Matthew Hill, "The Ukrainian authorities deny any conspiracy and refute claims that there is a trade in stem cells taken from stolen babies."

"No work in this hospital is connected with the use of cells," Dr. Larysa Nazarenko told Hill. Nazarenko is the chief doctor at Maternity Hospital Number Six.

Although speculations are being disputed by those accused of committing these atrocities, Hill thinks the silence will be broken in February when the Council of Europe returns to Kharkov to continue its investigation of what has already become a horrifying insight into the stem-cell controversy.

"One of the things that we have been concerned about for years is the fact that, by pushing embryonic stem-cell research, we're looking at a situation that is bound to use human beings as fodder for the experiments," said Dr. Janice Crouse, director of the Beverly LaHaye Institute at Concerned Women for America (CWA).

Bioethicist Wesley Smith believes the demand for hundreds of millions of eggs and stem cells will lead to fetal farming.

"In order to get the millions and millions of eggs that would be required, poor women in Bangladesh, in Congo, in other destitute nations would be seen by biotechnologists as so many egg farms ripe for the harvest," Smith explained. "This commoditization of human life
is pernicious. …"

Sadly, it appears to be motivated by big business and financial gain.

For example, the allegations of the stolen Ukrainian babies come only months after Family News in Focus reported women in the Ukraine were being paid $200 to abort their babies for the acquisition of stem cells. More specifically, according to Smith, the women were paid to
get pregnant for the sole purpose of aborting the babies at eight weeks gestation so the stem cells could be used for an anti-aging beauty treatment.

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) in Barbados uses such a treatment that supposedly improves one's fitness, sex life, mental capacity and sleeping patterns. IRM buys its stem cells used in the treatment from the Ukraine.

The treatment involves injecting clients with stem cells from seven- to ten-week-old aborted babies. But now there is reason to question a possible link between this or other treatments and the missing Ukrainian babies.

Whether the stem cells are taken from aborted or birthed babies, "Destroying innocent life to meet a business demand for stem cells is an unconscionable bioethical breach," said Wendy Wright, CWA president.

"The entire concept of the human being as a product is coming into vogue," Smith added, "and it should be a great concern to everyone."
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Ukraine isn't the worst. serbia is worst. even though most Serbs according to polls done last year are against stem cell research, pro-government media launched a campaingn in serbia to try to persuade people to think other wise. not only that but apparently three of the world's top researchers in this satanic field of science are from Serbia and the Serbian government is planning to allow them to open research centers here. Even though 1 of them might face criminal charges in Germany for some of the experiments he did.

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