Friday, May 18, 2007

Patriarch Bartholomeos And The Corrupt Greek State's Siege On Genuine Greek Orthodox Christianity

Mount Athos has been violated by this heretical Patriarch named Bartholomeos, his power has been used to soil the name of Greek Orthodoxy with his contacts with the dirty and Satanic Papacy , to which he is bound along with his subservience to Ankara and Tel Aviv and the power centers of Frankish lands. We hear from genuine Orthodox Christian priests that the icon of Panaghia has already been found thrown down by the bay in Mount Athos , a symbol that the Theotokos is ready to leave Mount Athos. Is Patriarch Bartholomeos a good man? To starve Greek Orthodox Christian monks who pray for the world? To deprive the brothers of water, of medical visitors , of pilgrims? To use the Greek police to siege the Esphigmenou Monastery? This POS, contemptible Satan in the form of a man, is the most lucid representative of Satan's work in the world, the pictures we saw of him when he met his Vatican masters, shows the fear in his eyes, he's not afraid of hell, he is in HELL.

(The Article Below Is Reproduced for Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Greek police guard Mount Athos

18 May 2007

SALONIKA, Greece - Greek police have been stationed around the monastic community of Mount Athos, one of Orthodox Christianity’s holiest sites, a day after some 200 pilgrims attempted to enter the enclave illegally, local officials said.

Police in the main outlying city of Salonika said the pilgrims wanted to access Esphigmenou Monastery, which is occupied by a dissident monk faction at odds with the other 20 monasteries of the semi-autonomous community, but lacked permits from the community collegium and were repulsed.

Around 30 pilgrims managed to evade police on Wednesday by jumping over a wall.

The pilgrims went to Mount Athos, some 120 kilometres southeast of Salonika in northern Greece, for the religious festival of the Assumption.

Esphigmenou Monastery has been under occupation by around 80 elderly monks for years, despite an eviction order issued in 2002, and the overseers of Mount Athos are on the lookout for attempts to send supporters into the monastery.

The Esphigmenou monks observe the old Julian Calendar and oppose the Patriarchate’s 1972 decision to improve ties with the Roman Catholic Church.

In October, nine of the Esphigmenou monks were condemned to two-year suspended prison sentences for refusing to leave the monastery.

Two months later, a clash between the dissident group and members of a rival monastic order appointed to replace them left four monks hospitalised.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Icon of the Panagia to give it it's proper name is the "Panagia Portaitissa". And yes, Tradition states that when the Panagia is ready to leave that the icon will be found floating in the harbor. It is also a sign of the end of the world.

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