Friday, May 11, 2007

Genocide Name Games

The latest American "genocide" name calling party involves the Darfur allegations of "genocide", the black American , African history Professor Tony Martin has analyzed this campaign as one of disinformation on the part of organized Jewry, in an attempt to get the attention and the spotlight away from the Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade , that was the heated controversy of black politics in the 1990s. So in recent years, Speilberg and other "philanthropists" have generated interest in the Darfur allegations of "genocide", the New York subway system is plastered with multimillion dollar ads for the campaign and major American news outlets, with The New York Times in the lead, drum up , story after story about Darfur and its alleged "genocide"

Mia Farrow, the divorced ex-wife of Jewish-American film maker Woody Allen, flys there all the time, and reports now about how America must get on China's case over Darfur. These anglo-saxons, including those who married Jews like Mia Farrow, have nothing better to do than sail or fly around the world and point their finger at the bad guy of the month. THEY of all people, who have enslaved and Holocausted more peoples around the world than any other culture in human history, their ongoing Genocide of Cyprus, is something they have yet to accept responsibility for, including their obligations to pay us reparations. Mia Farrow, and other deviant American celebrities like her, James "the Albo" Belushi comes to mind, have a far more sinister role for the American empire. Human rights violations and "genocide" allegations that are repeated and circulated with such intensity, all too often have to do with a quest for power politics and a cover for war. As Chomsky, records in his well documented study ,"The New Military Humanism:Lessons From Kosovo" , the West uses human rights, atrocity stories and "genocide"allegations to invade ,bomb and occupy foreign lands, as we witnessed done to Serbia over Kosovo:

The crisis in Kosovo has excited passion and visionary exaltation of a kind rarely witnessed. The events have been portrayed as "a landmark in international relations," opening the gates to a stage of world history with no precedent, a new epoch of moral rectitude under the guiding hand of an "idealistic New World bent on ending inhumanity." This New Humanism, timed fortuitously with a new millennium, will displace the crass and narrow interest politics of a mean-spirited past. Novel conceptions of world order are being forged, interlaced with inspirational lessons about human affairs and global

The American-led NATO "humanitarian intervention" in Kosovo was a military show of strength to encroach on the territory of the former Warsaw pact, to destroy Serbia, and overall to intimidate the possible revival of Orthodox Christian Nationalism in the Balkans, primarily in Serbia, Serbia was also made an example by the American-English gangsters, so that everyone else on the block makes sure to pay "their protection money" and "show respect".

SOON, will the Anglo-Americans dare to conquer Darfur, a major sphere of influence, for China, the merging world power, and try to make an example out of the nuclear Chinese like the American bully did to much tinier Serbia ? Time will tell....


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