Saturday, May 05, 2007

Update On Greater Albania Terrorism Videos

The astute Greek language blog Greek Alert informs us that the internet community has circulated the videos to literally hundreds of sites, and the Albanians are busy cleaning up their trail with this revealing video all over the internet, despite the fact that it was already broadcast on Albania's major TV channel, and on May 02,2007, the US State Department spokesperson, Tom Casey, was confronted with several questions,as follows below, about this incident by Greek journalist , Mr. Lambros:

QUESTION: On Albania, Mr. Casey, yesterday, Greece protested provocative actions by newly formed Albanian army bands with a fancy name called Liberation Army of (inaudible). This entity according to Balkans observers is an extension of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Does the Department of State of follow the activities beyond Kosovo or for revived Kosovo Liberation Army which was once classified by the Department of State as a terrorist organization?

MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, I'm not familiar with those reports. But again, I think whether you're referring to the situation in Kosovo or more broadly in the Balkans, U.S. policy has been consistent and clear in terms of insisting that people proceed through constitutional and legal means and not resort to violence. We would certainly oppose any violent actions against individuals, whether that's in Greece, Kosovo, Albania or any place else.

QUESTION: One more. Does the U.S. Government share intelligence with Greece concerning the (inaudible) role of Islamic cells in the Balkans as you are concerned, some of which has been close allies of the KLA and its close border affiliates such as the (inaudible) Liberation Army?

MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, we have excellent relations with the Government of Greece in all areas. But certainly, I wouldn't be in a position to comment on any kind of intelligence matters. You could certainly try again my friends over at the CIA on that.

Trusted sources have also informed Hellenic Nationalist blog, that the Albanian Lobby,in recent days, has been bombarding the US State Department with letters, in a desperate attempt to cover up any inquiry into these videos...


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