Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yet Another Neo-Pagan "Nationalist" Poseur

The research by a Hellenic Nationalist comrade into Romanian National Vanguard-News' recent interview with the Greek band "Iron Youth" unearths yet another "Nationalist" faction, promoting neo-paganism, much like the early Golden Dawn, which believed in "white racialism" , and supported, at least nominally Orthodox Christianity. Unfortunately, they fell into collusion with the neo-pagan movement, their link to us is now removed. Here's a letter, below, that the Romanian site has yet to publish and likely , never will....


As I understand it, Romanian National Vanguard is an Orthodox Christian organization. As such, it may interest you to know that Iron Youth (a band that is unknown to all but a minority of nationalists, by the way) is an anti-Christian, neo-pagan band and, consequently, in no way representative of Hellenic nationalism. Their very website makes no secret of their absurd beliefs and open hatred for the most nationalistic institution in Greece (i.e. the Orthodox Church), and the one responsible for protecting the Greek national identity during Turkish occupation:

"[Interviewer] What's your opinion for our Ancestral Hellenic Gods? Do you believe in Them? The relation between Nationalism-Paganism?

"[Iron Youth] This is a too serious question to be answered in a few lines. Being totally against the Jew-Christian thought we respect and follow our Ancestral Religion seeking at the same time, as searchers, the Truth, away from stupid extremist sub-humans that wear clokes and Rolex watches at the same time."

Such neo-pagan sentiments are shared by no more than approximately 1,000 individuals in all Greece, most of whom are disillusioned leftists who have turned to New Age spirituality. Genuine nationalists recognize that our ancestors gave up their dark pagan religion -- a religion that persecuted philosophers and scientists and saw Socrates put to death -- for the One True Faith of Orthodoxy and that, as a result of the fusion of Hellenism and Christianity, we saw our greatest epoch: that of the Eastern Roman Empire (i.e. the so-called "Byzantine Empire"). There are many nationalists in Greece, of various political ideologies, and it is to these that you should turn to -- not to confused, hate-filled pseudo-nationalists like those of Iron Youth.


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It turns out that Romanian National Vanguard News Agency not only published my concerns regarding their interview with Iron Youth but even engaged me in debate. This is in stark contrast to Final Conflict which not only suppressed both of my letters to them but retaliated against this weblog for publishing the original comment I sent them.

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