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More On Mustafa Kemal-Gay Turk

"Women, for Mustafa, were a means of satisfying masculine appetites, little more; nor, in his zest for experience, would he be inhibited from passing adventures with young boys, if the opportunity offered and the mood, in this bisexual fin de siecle Ottoman age, came upon him." --Quote is from pp.21 as recorded in the biography "Atatürk" by noted Turkologist and Islamic historiographer, John Patrick Balfour aka Lord Kinross..

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Noyan Tapan
Armenians Today
Mar 28 2007

BRUSSELS, MARCH 28, NOYAN TAPAN - ARMENIANS TODAY. The Ministry of Education of Belgian state of Valon published a book, in which the founder of modern Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal - Ataturk, is numbered among the most important and the most prominent homosexuals in the history.

With this step, in fact, the Belgian state joined the step of Greek young people who placed similar information about Ataturk on the well-known web-site in early March.

According to the Zaman Turkish newspaper, the book under the title "Fight Against Homophobia," which consists of 144 pages, was given out to pupils of pre-school and secondary colleges of the state of Valon. On book's page 105 Ataturk is numbered among the most famous homosexuals in the world history.

According to the book, Alexander of Macedon, Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, as well as the Pope John Paul III were also homosexuals.

Marriage of homosexuals is permitted in Belgium. (Source: Armenian Club Forum)


Gay and Lesbian History on Stamps Club (GLHSC) co-founder PAUL HENNEFELD's site on famous homosexuals , aptly names the Mustafa Kemal page, OUT OF THE CLOSET

Ataturk's biographers, Irfan and Margaret Orga, wrote:

He has never loved a woman. He was used to the camaraderie of the Mess, the
craze for handsome young men, [and] fleeting contacts with prostitutes,
... His body burned, for a woman or a boy ...


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