Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Western Self-Destruction

This is one of many reports that explain just how flawed and self-destructive the egalitarian values of the deviant West are, and truly , Hellenic Nationalists can earnestly look forward to the West's eventual self-destruction, and our country can finally be set free:

Europe’s Growing 'Multiculturalism’ Crisis Arnaud de Borchgrave – UPI
From the British city of Leeds to Livorno in Italy and from Luxembourg to Ljubljana in Slovenia, multiculturalism is pretty much a bust. Quicksand is the only common ground between Western values and militant Muslim fundamentalism ... The European cult of appeasement has given free rein to radical imams whose only goal is to Islamicize Christian Europe. The terrain is fertile. Only 20 percent of Europe's Christians attend church services on Sunday, but mosques are packed with worshippers on Fridays, where sermons are political paeans to the courageous jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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