Monday, April 16, 2007

"Israel" Celebrates Holohoax Day, Today

The 'Warsaw Ghetto Boy' is probably the single most widely recognized and memorable Holocaust image of all: a frightened and apparently doomed young boy, his arms upraised, standing with other Warsaw ghetto Jews under the watch of an armed German soldier. The Boy in the picture not only survived the Second World War, he went on to become a wealthy businessman living in America...

I was informed about this day, April 16th the day when "Israel" celebrates "Holocaust Day",from a very recent post on self-proclaimed "Greek Jew", "Abravanel"'s blog ( see my links on the right hand column).

"Israel" uses the myth of a grandiose "Holocaust" to both elicit sympathy from duped Westerners along with billions of dollars in aid, but to also attach some false "moral legitimacy" to its unjust and barbaric ,ongoing Holocaust of the Palestinians and , and to legitimise "Israel"'s cultural genocide of the Greek Orthodox Christian heritage of the land it stole from the native inhabitants of Palestine. As Jewish scholar, Norman Finkelstein, writer of the landmark study "The Holocaust Industry" explains ""If you claim that the Holocaust was categorically unique, and then claim that the victims are entitled to special moral dispensation, then you can claim that Israel should not be held to the normal standard of international law because -- after all -- their suffering was unique, and therefore they should have special entitlements that other people don't have." "Israel, therefore, is not held to the normal standards of the United Nations resolutions because the argument maintains that -- in the final analysis -- the whole world is anti-Semitic, the whole world wants to kill the Jews, and therefore Israel cannot trust the United Nations -- already a non-Jewish body. These dogmas are used to immunise Israel, but they have no historical value to them." It was after the 1967 war that Finkelstein believes that the business of the Holocaust industry was invented by American Jewish interests, when it became necessary to produce an image of Israel as a "victim-state." Even the recent images of shocking Israeli violence against Palestinian children has not been able to overturn this powerful ideological image. Despite these events, Finkelstein notes that Israel is still capable of casting itself as the victim of Arab hatred and terrorism, the reason lying in its efficient manipulation of the global media, and particularly in its exploitation of its image as victim-state. "What you see in the Arab world, or even in Europe, is not what we see and hear in the media here [in the United States]. We are forced to see Madelaine Albright on the [the television programme] Meet the Press wailing that 'Israel is under siege.' But Israel is always under siege, because the Holocaust dogmas have told us that all gentiles want to kill the Jews, so whatever other images the media may show, whatever the record they may say, it does not in the least affect the overarching framework" of Israel as virtuous victim. "

In the interest of presenting the two sides of the "Holocaust" debate on, what Prof. Butz justly calls , the Hoax of the Twentieth Century, I provide readers with links to some key terms, in the "Greek Jew"'s message below, debunking the Jewish and "Israeli" argument:
(Message Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Today in Israel the extermination of 6.000.000 jews is remembered throughout the country. The day, instituted in 1951, is similar to the Holocaust Memorial Day which is celebrated in Europe early on January.
At 10am the sirens sound for two minutes and all of the country stands still. People remain silent, cars pull over and this marks the beginning of the ceremony at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Israel.( Ed: Built on stolen land of Holocausted Palestinians, as explained in the Palestinian article in the link) There, survivors lay wraiths and light candles in the memory of those who didn’t make it, while all shops and cafes remain close and TV transmits documentaries. There isn’t much to say about this, I just didn’t want to let the day pass unmarked. (Ed: Neither did I ; ) --Abravanel: A "Greek Jew" Blogger


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