Friday, April 13, 2007

David Irving's Interview With Eleftherotypia

  • It has been written that you are also xenophobic. Is it true that after your first visit to Greece you wrote in your diaries that contemporary Greece follows it's glorious past, because in a whole day you saw only four Africans in the streets of Athens? You believe in the racial ''cleaning''? (Click Here For the rest)


Anonymous Zappi said...

4 africans is just one african too many, add to this 4 benglashi, 4 pakis, 4 thais, 4 chinese,4 agfhans and you have pungent racial stew to poison your marrow from here to eternity. Zero entry of afro/asians into greece is the only healthy remedy, and rapid expulsion of the paki colony and their muslim brethrens. Greece for greeks and orthodoxs only. Nothing offensive about keeping your house clean from alien effluents.

4:16 PM  

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