Monday, April 09, 2007

The Issue Of Greek Women

I was recently informed by a comrade that "Not only do Greek women murder 250,000-500,000 unborn Greeks annually through "traditional" means of abortion but 1/4 of them also use abortion pills. The fact that 200,000 abortion pills were sold last year means that the true number of Greeks murdered every year is probably around 450,000-700,000. The result is that 95% (!) of women who have graduated from secondary school have had at least one abortion.With statistics like these, one has to wonder if things could possibly get worse or if we already hit the lowest point in our history."

These women really baffle me , because their extreme immorality and selfishness is coupled with only a generation or two removal from , often times, reverent and religious families of many offspring.

From my observations many Greek women also take to becoming sluts and bitches, meaning they are sex obsessed and money obsessed tools of Satan.

More reason to be embarrassed to call yourself Greek today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Young Greek women have already become extremely infected by western "morals" which includes massive promiscuity, extreme materialism and feminist attitudes. The stoic , strong Greek women who were a main pillar of the family is almost completely non existant but for some small villages........maybe.

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