Monday, March 26, 2007

Savage Briton Murderers Back From Afghanistan Assault Greek In Cyprus

The TIMES of London reports that a pack of savage-drunken-Englishmen on "destress leave in Cyprus" on their military bases, of which some 99 square miles still exist in the Turk-occupied part of our island of Cyprus, went on to assault a simple Greek working man, and tried to steal his car:

Thousands of soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq have passed through the British bases on Cyprus on their way home. They stay on the island for between 27 and 48 hours.

The taxi driver, Demetris Panayi, 58, claimed that the men assaulted him when he refused to take foreign currency and asked them to get out of his car.

“One of them grabbed me by the neck and the other began punching me,” he said. “The grip was so tight I thought my jaw was broken.”

My Greek friends in Cyprus have told me numerous similar stories of sever alcoholic violence by both English tourists and English soldier-occupiers in Cyprus, and how my Greek friends had to occasionally smash bottles on their English heads and beat the savages on the head with tree roots to defend their Nation's honor, I applaud my Greek friends in Cyprus. The English have no right to be in Cyprus , either as soldiers actively occupying one of our sacred homelands or on "destress leave in Cyprus" while occupying someone else's homeland, for too long the English have sailed around the world , and now fly around the world, forcing their savage and barbaric , deviant-Western so-called values on the rest of humanity.


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