Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How I Adore Nationalist Women

BERLIN -- German prosecutors on Tuesday charged a lawyer (Sylvia Stolz, pictured left)for far-right activist Ernst Zündel with incitement, accusing her of denying the Holocaust and ending one of her legal filings with the words "Heil Hitler."
It's so rare in these trying times to find a woman who dares to defend her Fatherland and her genetic or biological community of people. Regardless of tribe or religion, I must admit that I adore such women. The beauty that I sought in women was in their soul and not so much in the clinical appeal of the West designed by Jewish publishers and media giants and sadistic faggots in the fashion industry. I adore women who fight for what's right, who fight for their Fatherland, to the very end, as I said earlier here, "What would a real man rather love? A woman who is a money grubbing whore that flashes her goodies to any passer-bys, like the typical modern,Westernised Greek woman--or a woman who would die defending God and Country? True love." Yes, I also have a soft spot in my heart for Muslim women who become Nationalistic Freedom Fighters , and , indeed, for any woman who defends her people from the Traditional Enemy, Sylvia Stolz, I have a crush on you.
I will write to Sylvia in prison, and implore Nationalists everywhere to lend her moral support, you can contact her through The Zundelsite.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic, what an incredible character and moral integrity. An exemplary role model for the coming generation.

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