Monday, March 19, 2007

Israeli And American Rescue Teams For Politicans During Times Of Nationalist Revolution

For several months now Hungary has been experiencing a Nationalist Uprising in the streets against the heavy Jewish and globalist rule (Soros has long used the Hungarian capital as a headquarters for his criminal activities in Eastern Europe) of this troubled country. I remember as far back as the 1990s when I was a scruffy backpacking traveller, I sat amazed in the Budapest airport at the many Jews and the many Israeli flights to and from Hungary, complete with uniformed Israeli Uzi machine gun-toting guards patrolling the airport. It's no wonder that Hungary has also for years been a major source of porn industry talent for the Jewish trade in white women and their demonic depictions in various modern mediums.

Anyway, the latest developments of the presence of some 200 Israeli soldiers in Hungary has been reported by David Irving's Action Report as well as by the astute news agency Al-Jazeera:

200 Israeli solders in their standard blue uniforms as a “military delegation” arrived in four buses - windows covered – to the center of Budapest to a huge city block sized synagogue

The general population is at the point of open rebellion in larger and larger proportions. Average income and the standard of life is rapidly decreasing while taxes, prices and fees are increasing.

George Soros finds that the place is unstable for investments; he started to operate in Bolivia where the locals broke out in a revolt against him and his clan.The locals claim at open public meetings that Soros is buying up land and natural resources.

We did have a similar event: A few days before the 23rd of October (last year) a U.S. military transporter with a few hundred soldiers and what else was parked in a corner at the Budapest airport. It was obvious that they were their in preparation to help to emigrate our beloved Prime Minister, Mr. Gyurcsany and his family either to the U.S. or Israel, in case if the need suddenly arrives.

This level of chaos and suffering and open revolt is a natural process in the many countries where the Jews have gone too far with their oppressive Jewish superiority hubris, and indeed they(the Jews) are preparing for flight. Considering the intense Jewish enslavement of the Hungarian people its a wonder this uprising took so long, I was always amazed at how Hungarians deal with the fact that their women are well known internationally for being sex slaves to Jews., brushing it off as a sad consequence of the Hungarian general propensity for morbid , oblivion-driven alcoholism. In any case, I wish these poor guys luck in their liberation struggle.

I wonder how many more depredations we, the Greeks, must face, before the people take to the streets? And I can only imagine that hundreds of Israelis will likely show up to whisk away our Jewish political families, such as Simitis and Papandreou,finally. And American troops helping our Dora Bakoyiannis' and Karamanlis' etc etc. Who will show up for our Greek "Gay Nationalist" Georgios Karatzaferis, a battalion of Rainbow-flag flying Frenchmen? Will the Cubans show up for KKE? Or will the Israelis just handle their departure as well?


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