Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Albanian Terrorist Calls For "Death" In Greece

We've come across a video on YouTube that is part of an Albanian Terrorist group affiliated , apparently, with the Greek-based Anarchist faction "antifa", this Albanian group calls itself "Gate 32" or "Gate 32 tv" or "Gate 32 Antifa"

In this video, the spokesperson wearing a necklace of brass knuckles makes open calls for death to Greeks, in both English and Albanian-accented Greek, which leaves us with the impression that he is living in Greece, or has lived extensively in Greece. In this other video "Gate 32" has imagery from the UCK or KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) , that includes a photo of a decapitated man with red headlines saying that this is a "Greek Fascist's head" We are not sure if this decapitated man is indeed Greek or one of the many Serbs the Albanians and their other Muslim allies in terrorism decapitated in Serbian homelands.

That the spokesperson of this "Gate 32" group is interchangeably affiliated with the Greek-based Anarchist faction "antifa" confirms the suspicions of many observers that Albanians not only randomly participate in the violent Anarchist attacks on Greece and the Greek people by the Anarchists in riots and general looting, but that there is,indeed, a link between established and well financed Albanian terrorist groups based abroad and Greek-based Anarchists.

Not long ago the Greek government itself finally admitted that links between Albanian terrorist groups and leftist terrorist groups exist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if one leaves one's house door open, dirt and flies will make themselves at home. That is exactly what the decadent and deracinated democratic trotskyites have done with greece. They opened the door and the albanians invaded greece, not only that, they were given equal rights as those native greeks too. Property ownership, citizenship, voting rights. Stupidly insane, but a fact of national life. The future is dark for the greeks, with 1.5 aliens in their mist, in a tiny country of rock and water which is bursting at the seams with the demographic pressure, unable to stem the growth of its population through invasion of foreigners , greek cities are heading toward new shangahis and bankoks, densely populated towns,with mixed alogenous population groups, each vying for an extra mile of turf at the expense of greeks in a diminishing real estate which will create social entropism and paralysis.

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