Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dora Bakoyiannis And "Greek-Turkish" Relations

Dora is a frequent visitor to the USA, friends and comrades have seen her in Georgetown University, in Columbia University , just yesterday she was in the White House speaking to US Secretary of State Rice on Greek-Turkish relations. Some may wonder what brings her to the USA so much? Considering all the turmoil her party has launched in Greece by introducing Greek history textbooks rewritten by Jew and American financed NGOs, her hard work on building a solid Muslim ghetto in Greece by hiring hundreds of permanent Koran teachers with Greek funding, and the introduction of a US-style monetary loan system for Greek college students ,all the while Dora spends most of the year in the USA. Can her USA counterpart say the same?

Well , the real reason why Dora is here , in the USA so much, besides the money from lobbyists, is to lend support to her spoiled brat son in Harvard University. Yes, a reader of ours in Harvard University, tells us that Dora's little poustaki is always palling around with GUL'S ( the Turkish Foreign Minister's ) kid.....Isn't that so f***k'in special? How quaint.


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