Monday, March 26, 2007

Greeks Flock to Jewish-Zionist '300' Movie During Lent

"The movie is so overly racist, so overflowing with vicious stereotype of Persians, as a dangerous, bestial force fatally threatening the civilized "free" world, that conveys an implicit acquiescence to the contemporary discourses of hatred espousing a `clash of civilizations.'
--Press Release From Iranian Mission To The UN

Despite the fact that this "Warner brothers" released movie, '300' ,based on American comic book writer Frank Miller's book on the Ancient Spartans, was released in Greece during the Great Lent , Greeks rejected Jesus Christ and their religious tradition and flocked to the movies, to break the record for ticket sales to this virtual orgy of blood , and sent a lot of money out of Greece and straight into the pockets of Jewish-Zionists in Hollywood.

The historical debate by critics is quite meaningless, since this is a form of entertainment , based on the fancies of an American comic book writer, regardless, movies depicting bloodshed, porn, etc etc and trips to such movies during Great Lent in such large numbers are a clear indication of the decadent debauchery of modern degenerate-Greeks and says a lot to the effect that many, many Greeks still suffer with the national identity crisis of identification with the pagan distant past, more than with the long evolution of Helleno-Orthodoxy, and that's just how the Judeo-West wants Greeks to be, once again heroic theocratic Iran dared to point the finger at the Jews who financed this movie , put it together and are getting rich off of this movie, with a lot of Greek money to boot--all to help the Jews and the pagan West demonise the courageous Iranian revolutionary theocracy.

Greek Filmgoers Ignore Critics of `300'
The Associated PressMonday, March 26, 2007; 4:33 PM

THERMOPYLAE, Greece -- Greece's critics hated "300," but moviegoers here are lining up to watch the gory recreation of the Battle of Thermopylae in record numbers _ happy to lap up the Hollywood thrills and take an indulgent view of what detractors call a butchery of their ancient history.

"The film was incredible on all counts. It's the first time I've heard a cinema audience clap at the end of a movie" said Nikos Mastoris, who owns a comic bookstore in Athens. "The photography, the music, and all the scenes are really brilliant. The movie is very faithful to the comic book."
Haris Antonopoulos of distributors Village Roadshow said ticket sales of "300" in Greece have topped the 1 million mark _ out of a population of 11 million _ and is on course to beat the record-setting "Loufa kai parallagi: Sirines sto Egeo," a movie about life as a Greek army conscript which sold 1.4 million tickets in 2005.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The film production hailing from the sewers of hollywood has ,as usual, a double purpose. The main driver is the hatred and hate mongering against the Iranians, ( in the context of Judeo-American confrontation with Iran) . The gist mills of hatred against an alleged enemy. By contrast the portray the Greeks of Leonidas as modern day Judeo-Americans.

One of the reasons Greeks are flocking to the film it may have to do with their dormant and slumbering spirit of hellenism, it is a kind of atavistic throwback to the days when Greeks knew their racial awareness and genetic kinship; something that they sorely miss in their dreary daily existence in the EU multiracial corral. To see themselves portrayed in the shoes of the Spartans it is a safety valve, an escape from the unpleasant reality to a vicarious historical grandeur which rings in the innermost beings of their bodies and souls.

The fact that the movie was released in Lent it is the distributors failure to respect traditions and greek customs. The networks operators ought to be brought to book.

As from my individual vantage point, I will not go and waste my time on any american bagatelle.

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