Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jew "Holocaust" or "Shoah Business" And Greece

America's most prominent Jewish newspaper The Forward just recently published a call for "Holocaust" claims on Greece ,written by Greek leftist Apostolos Apostolou. Absurd as such arrogant and self-centered claims are by Jews and their collaborators, they are usually implemented and prove to be quite costly to any host to these claims, Germany has already paid tens of billions of dollars to the Jews onto this very day, and even nations like Poland, which like Greece were subject to both Axis and Allied invasions and occupations and suffered higher than Jewish death tolls, have been sent "Holocaust" bills by the ever acerbic Jews. It's only a moment of time before Greece too, will be expected to pay "reparations" to Jews worldwide, totally tax deductible for American Jews, for time immemorial, for the alleged Jewish "Holocaust"

The Jewish "Holocaust" thesis in regards to Greece deals with the Second World War deportation of Jews from Thessaloniki, or as the Jews and now the Jew-run West calls it --Salonika. This wild "Salonika" thesis was first circulated by Jewish "Holocaust" promoters such as Dr. Michael Matsas, and Mark Mazower and Robert D. Kaplan, as far back as the 1990s, Mark Mazower is now the star historian in Columbia University's Modern Greek Studies Program, richly endowed by Greek philanthropists.

For years I have warned many in the Nationalist community that high profile Jewish opinion makers like Kaplan and Jewish historiographers such as Mazower are ever "Greek crazy" over "Salonika", incidentally , the defective Sephardic spelling for the city named after the sister of Alexander, just this past weekend's Sunday New York Times travel section published a glowing article on the globalized, New York Times reader-friendly and alternative atmosphere allegedly calling in the city called Thessaloniki in Greece.

It's a only a moment of time before the Jews return to what they call "Salonika", and leave with the proverbial bags of loot


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thessaloniki was built by Alexander's father when he beat Jason the Tagos of Thessaly. Mazower says the Greeks named Thessaloniki in 1912 and it used to be Salonika. The other way around.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only do Greeks owe reparations to Jews, but to the hundreds of thousands Ethnic Macedonians living on the territory of northern Greece.

12:04 PM  

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