Friday, April 13, 2007

New Discovery : "Greek Jew" Named "Abravanel"

I sometimes visit the anti-Greek hate site run by the African-British "Devious Diva" which tirelessly reports on every imagined and not so vague outbreak of "anti-Semitism" that may manifest itself in Greece in the form of graffiti or wisecracks, that she crusades against in concert with her ally Panayote Dimitras of the energetic Greek Helsinki Monitor, in any case, there is now a third element to this circle-jerk which takes the form of a self-proclaimed "Greek Jew" blogger who calls himself "Abravanel", an amusing character who I chose to include in my list of links, after all I need a laugh now and then, and I invite all my friends and allies to pay his nascent blog a visit, he's also a heralded "guest blogger" for "Devious Diva" , here's a recent entry called (seriously) HOW I LEARNED WHAT MALAKAS MEANS


Anonymous Anonymous said...

??? get a life?

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that whore Diva was deported back to jamaica. What is she doing in greece ? That whore's blog is a dog's vomit.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous deviousdiva said...

Anonymous. No, I haven't been deported (and even if if it was possible, it wouldn't be to Jamaica). You must know that because very few people have followed my story SO closely.

I'm still here in Greece legally and peacefully, living my life as any decent human being does. Without insulting, attacking, threatening my fellow human being. I think your comment betrays you. I think anyone can see the kind of person you are. Someone who would resort to such foul language and insults just because they disagree with me. Anyway, enough of my time on you...

HN: Can you please explain why my blog is anti-Greek or a hate site? Is ANY blog that critisises the wrong-doings of the government a hate site? I am English. If I blog about the awfulness of english politics would that be considered anti-english or am I exempt because I am from that country (or don't I count in your mind because I have African blood)?

I am very unclear about where you are coming from so that's why I am bothering to comment here. It seems you are just angry because I said something negative about Greece (please note: not Greek people or culture but Greece as in the authorities, governing bodies of Greece"

Just curious... I understand if you don't answer.

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say Devious Diva's site does qualify as a hate site, and it is pointedly hypocritical as well

The "Abravanel" postings are quite suspect. I doubt he is a real person since his posts reflect verbatim false claims ( made by Wiesental Center proved false a couple of year ago) and placed in State Department reports and then removed when the translations were shown to be false.

"Abravanel" does not allow comments on his/her blog. I politely wrote to the published address twice with a half dozen requests for consideration of factual corrections (based on the process the State department used when it discovered the "burning of the Jew" was actually th e "Burning of Judas"), the arapos translations and a number of other points.

I also noted that the serious peer reviewed anthropologists and historians note hat the scapegoat burning ritual actually began in both the Near Eat and in Europe as a Jewish practice associated with the holiday of Purim and indeed that well into the late 19th century that instead of burning the persian "haman" in Eastern Anatolia the purim practice was the burning of the "Amolkite Armenian." (documented in the Princeton University published "Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence" by noted Israeli hisotrian Elliott Horowitz.)

Devious Diva then published "Abravanel" on the Salonika cemetary. As wrote again asking hy this was not in context. I showed how this issue began immediately after the scandal of massive and long standing Greek Orthodox, Catholic and Moslem cemetaries in Israel being paved over in Israel by developers, especially settlers, and the case of the the Jerusalem Hilton being over a very long established cemetery. Again no response.

He wrote on another blog about the Holocaust in Greece -- blamed the Greeks and praised the Bulgarians. He ignored the fact the Bulgarians occupiers had a higher kill rate of Jews in Greece than did the Germans. No response. My guess is "Abravanel" a blog put up by a pressure group which seeks to deflect criticism of Israel by point out policies of Greece, which it turns out are not 1/10 as draconian as those in Israel.

Also Devious Diva seems to be a regular and flattering commenter of the very xenopobic hate site "discaredlies."


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