Thursday, April 19, 2007

Campaign For Varosha, Famagusta Cyprus

Greek Alert blog clued us into this worthy and sophisticated campaign and petition for the enslaved town of Varosha in Famagusta, Cyprus, please pass it along.


Blogger ΑΡΧΕΙΟ said...

Άνοιξα το blog ΑΡΧΕΙΟ για να αναρτώ ιδεολογικά κλπ θέματα. Μπορείτε να αντιγράφετε και να χρησιμοποιείτε ότι σας ενδιαφέρει.
Καλή σας μέρα!

3:23 AM  
Anonymous a fellow patriot said...

Even though I don't agree with everything you say, I would still lilke to congratulate you on your good work and patriotism. Congratulations too for giving the anti-Hellene DD a bloody nose. Can you give us your account of why you decided to withdraw her personal details. I didn't get to see your original post. Did they mention her husband? I have some details about him I can mention, if you wish, which shed more light on why this woman hates Greece and Greeks so much.
Keep up the good work.
A fellow patriot

11:19 PM  

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