Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stohos On Mustafa Kemal The Pervert

The image above from the recent Greece-Turkey football match in Athens, is courtesy of the legendary Hellenic Nationalist newspaper Stohos which is online in a superb new, revamped blog form to compliment the hard copy available in newsstands.
Their latest blog entry Η ΠΡΩΤΗ ΓΚΕΪ ΛΕΣΧΗ ΣΤΗΝ ΤΟΥΡΚΙΑ… (trans: The First "Gay" Club In Turkey) covers the memoirs of longtime Kemal mistress , Latiffe. She came from a wealthy Turkish family in Smyrna, and was fluent in several languages, she would read Kemal all the morning newspapers giving a running translation into Turkish, and was known to him as his "oral newspaper" She lived on into the 1970s, Kemal died of cirrhosis of the liver in his fifties in 1938. To explain his hatred of Greeks, Latiffe said in her memoirs that Kemal's mother had an unstable life in Thessaloniki where Kemal grew up,and his mother lived an unstable life in order to get the money to educate Kemal, and that Kemal was a pervert who could only have sexual relations with prostitutes, and was known to also have homosexual proclivities.
Much of this information has been republished, but the Turkish government banns such information in Turkey by law, recently Turkey got YouTube out of Turkey for circulating a video called "Kemal Gay Turk"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To hell with the turks. Any attempt to be good or civlized to a turk is time wasted. I say chop all their heads off . Fuck kemal, fuck his stupid ideas and above all, fuck turkey whose time is going to come as sure as the sun rises in the morning!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother Nationalist,
Its great to see there are many others who are aware of the blood that runs in there veins. Proud Hellenes, no matter which part of the world they exist. Aima Kai Timh, Hrisi Augi. Sydney-Australia.

6:54 AM  

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