Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Protest Outside The Turkish Embassy

The word is out on 'the street' already about this protest set to go on today outside the Turkish Embassy in DC, there will be considerable Turkish counter-demonstrators, this blogger has a telling photo from last year's protest showing much this activity unnerves the Turkish Embassy (notice the figure taking pictures on their Embassy roof)

There are a lot of arguments from Greeks about the Armenians, about the Genocide(s), and all sorts of other nonsense , but if you want to show that Greeks,or at least a few Greeks still remember that their people were degraded ,enslaved ,disenfranchised and Holocausted by the Turks and their 600 year old culture of Genocides, then show some action , instead of talk and talk and talk and talk and talk ad infinitude that Greeks excel at, SHOW UP!


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