Monday, April 23, 2007

Genocide Historian Taner Akcam Arrested Due To Turkish Internet Slander!

Turkish Internet activists have been spreading slander about Genocide historian Taner Akcam due to the impact of his book on Turkey's Genocides, apparently the "terrorist" label which the hostile Turkish Internet activists immediately used against his book on this very blog , before we installed comment enabler,not long ago, have made their way onto wikipedia, the leftist pseudo-encyclopedia rife with false ,unverified propaganda from Turks, and were used as "evidence" by Canadian border authorities to detain Taner Akcam:

Akcam says, there is nothing he can do. "Allegations against me, posted by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, Turkish Forum and 'Tall Armenia Tale' (a Holocaust denial website) have been copy-pasted and recycled through innumerable websites and e-groups ever since I arrived in America. By now, my name in close proximity to the English word 'terrorist' turns up in well over 10,000 web pages." (Click here for the rest of the article from The Independent)


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