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My Problem With Final Conflict

For many years I have both subscribed to the Final Conflict email newsletter and even distributed many Final Conflict newscasts both on this blog and in general all over the net, and since the very inception of the Final Conflict blogspot I have linked to them on my general links and linked to their blog entries, I know of at least one other Orthodox Christian Nationalist site that found out about the Final Conflict blog, thanks to my promotions of Final Conflict, in the past I even was published in Final Conflict, I am not at liberty to reveal my Nome DE plume here, but I believe the editors at Final Conflict know who I am and what work I have contributed, with great dismay, I noticed tonight that the Final Conflict blogspot has removed Hellenic Nationalist blog from their general links page, after publicly announcing their linking to us not long ago.

The issue they have with us, no doubt has to do with their decided bias in acknowledging the crimes perpetrated by Frankish Crusaders on Eastern Orthodox Christians, most notably their oblique denial of the Holocaust perpetrated on Constantinople , the greatest Christian city in human history, by the heretical-Catholic barbarians. This blog has published a letter that was sent to Final Conflict about a Final Conflict blog entry that whitewashes the Crusaders. In effect, it is Holocaust (of Eastern Orthodox Christians) Denial that Final Conflict blog is indulging in, and refuses to correct, regardless of now several attempts to correct their failure to recognise Catholicism's Great Crimes Against Humanity In The Fourth Crusade.

It's a shame that Final Conflict, a once worthy Third Positionist intellectual opinion journal with much needed analysis and information on the abortion lobby and the homosexual lobby and international Zionism, has ,unfortunately degenerated into becoming an apologist for the Papacy's Crimes Against Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the true faith.


Blogger Hellenian said...

Hellenic Nationalist, I appreciate the fact that you published my original letter to Final Conflict about their perfidious reappraisal of the Crusaders, at cost to your own weblog. It is not only childish that Final Conflict would retaliate against you for simply publishing a letter that they feared to publish but also speaks greatly to their psychological insecurity in the face of dangerous facts. Finally, it underscores that the issue is beyond personal: it's cultural and national. As Westerners have so few noble ancestors, the Crusaders represent their only archetype for a contemporary "Christian warrior" and so the truth about the anti-Christian savagery of the Crusaders is irrelevant for these types. To them, the Crusaders were good because they need them to have been good. Thus, their persistence in ignoring historical facts (even when subjected to the writings of Western scholars that acknowledge these same facts) and deluding themselves with pleasant falsehoods. Given these things, it is no surprise then that Final conflict also decided to suppress my second letter to them, which follows below:

Dear Sirs of Final Conflict,

Since I posted my critical comment in response to the entry "The Real Crusade!" 5 days have passed, ample time for your editorial staff to check the sources I excerpted from for credibility and ensure that the information I contributed was indeed the brutal truth. Yet my entry was not approved. Therefore, I can only assume that you have decided not to publish it. I am saddened by this decision because, until this moment, I had great respect for Final Conflict and regarded it as possibly the greatest hope Western nationalists had in rescuing themselves from the dark and backwards world that they created for themselves. It seems my expectations were apparently too high.

I would have expected this sort of suppression of the facts by parochial rightists but not from radical nationalists since the latter do not suffer from knee-jerk reactionary tendencies but rather embrace revolutionary ideas. Apparently, however, you hold the Crusaders sacrosanct and look to them for inspiration -- even after being exposed to the truth of their barbarism, bloodlust, and hatred of (genuine) Christianity. It is precisely this sort of backwards attitude that will prevent Westerners from ever making any sort of cultural or national progress.

If you had such an issue with my revealing facts or characterizations of Catholicism and the Crusaders -- even though I cited several Western historians to prove my points -- you could have simply challenged the points you disagreed with, or allowed your readers to challenge them. Instead, you opted for censorship. This is especially deplorable because you did so in order to protect a group responsible for unbelievable savagery towards Christians. In short, you did the same thing you criticize others for: protecting the image of those who desecrate Christian symbols and persecute Christians in the most monstrous of manners. This is indefensible.

Despite your suppression of my entry, it has been posted on a Helleno-Orthodox nationalist weblog: "Hellenic Nationalist Comrade On Final Conflict Weblog". Since you have shown willingness to overlook one of the greatest crimes committed against Orthodox Christianity, I feel obligated to let not only fellow Hellenes but fellow Orthodox know about this reprehensible attitude of Final Conflict's. That said, I find it distressing that this incident occurred even though one of the members of this weblog's editorial staff is a Romanian (and, consequently, an Orthodox Christian). Rest assured, there are many Orthodox Christians (and not just Greek ones) who consider any attempts to whitewash the truth about the Crusaders deplorable.

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