Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Greater Albania Terrorism And Greece

We found out that there are some wild videos circulating on the web with brazen claims to Epirus, by masked Albanian spokespersons, standing by American and EU flags! Looks a lot like what Serbia first witnessed in the early 1990s leading up to the American-EU bombings and occupations that followed , thanks to ever growing "humanitarian" concerns over "beleaguered minorities"? After Darfur, are we next? The weblog focusing on Islamic fundamentalist terrorism and the liberal Serb-Canadian blog that this info came from also claims that Greek media is asking Yahoo to disclose the location of the video makers, an absurd request, since any intelligence community worth its salt could get the expensive software necessary to track down these people and their exact locations, or is the Greek political establishment and its "intelligence" really that incompetent?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greeks are heading for a cauldron of civil strife and internal social dislocations. It is obviously clear that the criminal behaviour of the politicos in permitting the settlement of albanians in mainland greece ( under the spurious arguments of humanity and the craving of industry and commerce, pimps, druggists and bordelo designers) had a criminal intent which can be interpreted as deliberately designed to foster civil entropy and break up the homogenous social fabric of the state. Greece's tomorrow will be just as it was Serbia's, a skirmish here and there, a little war here and there, and the loss of territory that would ensue a la Kosovo.
There are too many undesirables , muslims and other ferment group of aliens which have formed a considerable critical mass in Greece, capable of wrecking the government and sowing grave internal dissensions. An anarchist paradise. As for those who whistle the tune that todays "newcomers" are tomorrow's greeks, are as obstuse and skewed in their thinking as the lucubrations of a two year old.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent news. Now we having reason and chance to chop all their heads off and bury them. I hope this is starting soon the sooner the better. This problems need to be fixed long ago.



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Blogger Hellenian said...

The Greek political establishment is no doubt incompetent. As for its intelligence service, I would assume that, in comparison to other countries' intelligence services, it is by far sub-par. That said, I'm not sure if I'd go as far as to say it's incompetent itself. It's very possible that the Greek political establishment prevents it from doing anything of benefit for the nation and uses it just to suppress revolutionary nationalist activity. Other than that, we must remember that one of the greatest asset an intelligence service can have is for people to think that it is incompetent and underestimate its abilities.

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