Friday, May 04, 2007

The Coming Albanian Uprising?

We stumbled upon a grim report on the extent of the Albanian infiltration into the under populated agricultural regions of northern Greece, where despite high Greek unemployment, the farmers lobby for more and more legal Albanian immigration for relatively high paying (5 Euros an hour is considerably higher than the Greek minimum wage in the service sector, and roughly equal to the USA's minimum wage) jobs in farming.

Imathia Prefect Constantine Karapanayotis told the Athens News:
"The main problem is that we want the embassies and consulates to expedite the processing of applications so that the workers can come here faster," said Karapanayotis. "Farmers who depend on immigrant labour cannot wait until whenever for the workers. They need them at a specific time in the season. Right now there is a big delay with workers coming from Albania."

If the statistics cited in the Athens News article are correct, it would mean that close to one million Albanians are living and working in Greece, especially in areas depopulated of native Greeks due to immigration to Athens and to Western countries, thus the scenarios of armed uprisings KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army)-style have more than a basis for success. Lots of land was lost to Albanians from Serbian as well as GREEK (investor absentee landlord) landowners in Kosovo when the area was occupied by foreign armies, and the puppet Albanian government was installed--thus Albanians have the incentive,based on their success in Kosovo, of gaining the very lands they are employed on in Greece by joining an armed uprising. Judging by the Greek state's and,moreover, the Greek security forces' and intelligence community's total incompetence and impotence in being able to defend Greek National landmarks, and Greek police stations from repeat attacks of a few dozen hooded Anarchists in Greece's capital, it seems that the Albanians, in Eparchia(the provinces) should be able to roll over Epirus with ease, and we can be sure they are watching the impotent Greek state's pathetic defenses.


Anonymous dejan said...

Few weeks ago when Greek minister of foreign deputy visited Belgrade, she talks all the best about Ahtissari's plan for Kosovo and accept his suggest to proclaim independence for region. Will see does she change her mind???

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A ticking time bomb thanks to the bumbling ruling class. If the farmers are crying for foreign labor, than it is patently clear that their farming business is not a long term viable prospect. Any industry or commerce that places reliance on alien elements to sustain itself it is doomed to crush. The farmers must do the work themselves finding greek workers. There are thousands of unemployed in the cities looking for jobs. There are thousands of unemployed hooded vandals loitering in football stadiums, catch them , straigthen their backbones and send them to work in the farms instead of importing albanian and other afro asian flotsam. Enough is enough.
And if one can not do these things with the corrupt ,venal government mercenaries ,bloating their bellies and fattening their bank accounts,then get rid of them, and get out of the EU jungle.
We greeks have grown accustomed to "retreats" ever since the end of the war. We keep retreating in the face of external pressures, and tend to seek security, burgoise security, in the herd mentality of the EU gulag. We are the best and most obedient provincial outpost of the Brussels frankestein. Sometimes one wonders why are the government clerks keeping the sham of sovereign state and nationhood instead of proclaiming their provincial status and obsequious lap dog of the EU leviathan.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't concern over this. What ever it is that the idiots in the government have not thought, WE have. There are other forces in the Greece willing to fix this problem if the government has a problem to do so. WE have been waiting for almost 18 years for this to happen so let it happen. If these large head illyrians want to try the same things in ipiros or western Hellenic Makedonia, they will find some nice suprise. Believe me do not worry. OUR sword is always sharp and we are always watching.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dejan, you are lying. No politician in the Greece agree with athishari plans. Niether did they say so especially in Belgrade. Greece has stated many times that this plans must be with international law and it isn't. It violates it. However I look to chopping your head off if you would like to try the same thing in the Greece like you try in kosovo. And sooner or later the Serbs will be let loose on you anyway because the U.S. knows you support those al qaeda and gave them a base in pristina and other areas in the kosovo and balkans where there are albanians. Your time is up. Soon it will be GAME OVER.


11:37 AM  
Anonymous dejan said...


first of all, my name is Dejan Markovic, I am a Serb from Belgrade.How it comes you take me as Albanian,I really dont know.

two weeks ago in Belgrade was a conference of Black Sea Economic Cooperation.In one occasion, foreign ministry of Greek told that is Ahtishari plan good for both sides. I will look for some web pages to assure you...

best regards

4:13 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

It needs to be understood that the Greek political establishment is a pro-Western puppet government and nothing more. The political establishment has been taking anti-national positions, and doing everything possible to weaken Greece, for decades. So, given their behavior towards their own country, you can't expect that they would take a national position regarding Serbia. The only time the political establishment would take a national stance is if Greece's territorial integrity were threatened, and only then because the puppets in power would know that they'd be overthrown if they failed to. In other words, unless their positions are personally threatened, they would see no reason to do anything good for the nation or the people. So the notion that they would do something good for another nation and another people is even more unlikely.

Despite this, I don't think that they'll support the Western line, at least completely. The puppets know that what is happening to Serbia can easily happen to Greece given how many Albanians and other foreigners reside in Greece and the fact that several of Greece's neighbors (who have populations in Greece) have territorial designs.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

I only want to add one thing: a flamethrower should be taken to any farm that employs hostile foreigners. Since, apparently, all they care about is money, farmers seeing the crops of their fellow farmers destroyed would quickly change their traitorous attitude of supporting the colonization of Greece.

1:22 PM  

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