Friday, May 11, 2007

Sarkozy The Zionist

The newly elected leader of France, Nicolas Sarkozy (pictured above, the beardless one),well known for calling Arab rioters living in the slums of France's capital , "scum", also hails from the Jewish past of Thessaloniki ("salonika" in Sephardic Jewish-speak)....

Sarkozy’s sympathy and understanding is most probably a product of his upbringing; it is well known that Sarkozy’s mother was born to the Mallah family, one of the oldest Jewish families of Salonika, Greece (Click here for the rest of the article from EUROPEAN JEWISH PRESS)

Only a few weeks ago Sarkozy visited the Jewish Community in Thessaloniki, according to this report "Nicolas Sarkozy was honored at the French embassy in Athens by the Jewish Community of Salonika. A plaque was unveiled which said: “In memory of Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to Greece from the Thessaloniki Jewish Community, the town of your ancestors, mother and city of Israel and Jerusalem of the Balkans.”
And last ,but not least, the JTA Jewish Telegraph Agency in New York reports that Jews Celebrate Sarkozy Victory in France :
"Nicolas Sarkozy, the grandson of a Greek Jew, has been elected president of France. Optimistic and celebratory, Jewish groups were quick to offer congratulations to Sarkozy after his victory in French presidential elections. ,,,,The former interior minister was seen by Jewish voters as a friend to Israel and an important figure in the fight against antisemitism."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not the first time a hebrew is at the head of France. In the past there were the Blums, the asinine leper of Mendez France, other string pullers behind the "fake" presidents ( wire pullers like Fabius, and a host of others) and now we have this sarkizzy. France is, and has been since the french revolution, a hebraic pleasure play pen. Their influence grows deeper and with major intensity as the french populace undergoes its racial transformation through integration and mongrelization with the immigrant slime which is pouring into french soil.

If anyone takes care of assesing and scrutinizing the background of "european' prime ministers after the cataclysm of 1945, a substantial number of them have been hebrews. To name a few, Gomulka in former Poland, Bruno kreissky in Austria,Janos kadar in Hungary, Zapatero in Spain, ( although he was educated in a seminary, his provenance is from hebrew conversos , the turgid Simitis in Greece. The list of names is endless, if they have not occupied the prime ministers seat themselves, they have unambiguously mentored every single "fake" puppet that has sat in a president's seat.

The hebrew has got the score to the last cadence. Power politics it's his milieu, controlling the means of communication and information, printing, banking,organic resources, and every other vital organ of service to society makes him an unchallengeable master of everything he oversees.

To break out of them , you'll have to break the system which imprisons our souls and bodies. That will not be a cinch; and it will not be done through the democratic circus of elections.

6:31 AM  

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