Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jews Lobby For Revised non-"anti-Semitic" Orthodox Christian Liturgy

This dated article from The Jerusalem Post On-line is proof positive that ecumenical ism (i.e. cooperation and friendship with "christian" heretics) should forever be anathema: "Unlike the Catholic and Protestant churches, the Orthodox Church has never removed anti-Semitic passages from its liturgy, which still refers to Jews as Christ killers, said Dr. Dmitry Radyehsvky, director of the Jerusalem Summit, a conservative Israeli think tank ."(Click here for the rest of the article)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really can't quite understand how anyone in Israel would go after this. It came up a few years back with Elia Wiesel making an unfortunate comment at an event at which he was being honored by the Archons of St. Andrew.

All he could do was stutter when asked if he would denounce a litany of obscenely anti Greek invective and hate speech within Rabinnical writings, hanukkah sermons, and material used in Israeli schools, etc.

The fact is that within Judaism we see the first real hate speech and racism.

Even the burning of Judas in Greece, a rare thing anyway, has been deliberately mischaracterized as the "burning of the Jew." This ironically comes from the hanging and burning of Haman!

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