Tuesday, June 12, 2007

American Imperial Designs On Our Sacred Orthodox Christian Homelands

We were going to offer some commentary on the detestable Americans' and their recent overt support for Turko-Albanian Islamification in Kosovo,but Nikola beat us to it with his astute and poignant entry on how The emperor inspects his adoring minions No wonder really, the stage was set by Clinton ,the Bush-associated Halliburton corporation made billions from the Holocaust of Serbs, securing the contract for a twenty-five square mile helicopter base for the Americans in Kosovo. Lets not forget that other relatively recently Turko-occupied illegitimate state,in the northern part of Cyprus, acquired by sheer military force,that the Americans and their corporations have been lobbying for ,on behalf of the inheritors of the not-so-long-ago vanquished,but aspiring to be revived, with the aid of the Judeo-West with America in the lead,Turkish or Turanic empire, with aspirations to "expand influence from the Adriatic to the wall of China"

There is a dated letter succinctly addressing the impotence of "our" Greek lobby in Washington DC, the excerpt below expresses perfectly the direction, we believe the Bush administration, is headed in, soon after Kosovo is "solved":

As for the new Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, who has so undiplomatically ignored Greece during her first European trip which included Turkey, Gene Rossides states: “As National Security Advisor, Ms Rice was involved in the betrayal of Greece in the administration’s unilateral decision to recognize FYROM as the Republic of Macedonia. The US broke its pledge.”

So, is Ms Rice more favorable to our neighbors on the other side of the Aegean?

A tangible answer to this was given at the last State Department briefing on Friday.

Lambros Papantoniou put some most significant questions to a briefer named Richard Boucher:

Q: “Sir, do you know when Madame Secretary Condoleezza Rice is going to visit Athens?”

Boucher: “No, I don’t. But she has made clear her desire that either she or her deputy, will visit all the NATO allies.”

And now the real important part of the dialogue:

Q: “According to CNN, your commercial officer in your embassy in Ankara is going to visit the occupied area of Cyprus accompanied by a big US commercial company’s representative.”

Boucher: “Basically true, but flip it around. There is an American business delegation that’s coming to the northern part of Cyprus from Turkey. It’s a private delegation that’s looking at potential business opportunities in the north. This delegation is consistent with our goal of using the economic isolation of the Turkish Cypriots by expanding business contacts on and off the island. And the group will be accompanied by a US commercial attache from our embassy in Ankara. He’s going along to help facilitate their work. That’s standard practice worldwide with business delegations.”

Well. Not exactly. Diplomatic etiquette and practice teaches that this is most unusual in cases of disputed areas that have been occupied — remember — by sheer military force. Yet, sure enough, any US president is entitled to his vision


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