Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Desperately Seeking Hellas Fan Club Or Galazia Stratia Supporters IN USA, Especially New York

This issue was raised by this brother's Dear brothers from the Exoteriko, letter.

We already know the AEK Fan Club in New York if anyone knows any fragment or supporters for HELLAS Fan Club or Galazia Stratia in New York, then please,please notify us privately, at nychellenic@yahoo.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don't know about Galazia Stratia, but there is no Hellas Fan Club members in New York, because Hellas Fan Club is based in Melbourne, and extends to Sydney and Adelaide only. Us, at Hellas fan club though have a brotherhood type thing with Galazia Stratia.

Here's the website if you want it.


Also email me if you want to join the forum ''Hellenic Nationalist''.

10:41 PM  

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