Monday, June 04, 2007

Greek Ambassador Visits Anti-Orthodox , Anti-Serb Propaganda Monument In Srebrenica

The Sarajevo-based ONASA News Agency says that the Greek Ambassador in BiH (the Slavic Muslim regime ) Constantina Mavroskelidou visited a monument supporting the bogus Srebrenica "genocide" thesis used to demonise Serbs and Orthodox Christians , in a Western and Slavic Muslim attempt to legitimise the Holocaust of Serbs by Westerners and their Muslim collaborators, by falsely claiming that Slavic Muslims were somehow victims.

ONCE AGAIN, the Greek Foreign Ministry demonstrates its anti-Greek agenda, NO WHERE IN GREEK PRESS HAS THIS VISIT BEEN REPORTED.

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)
Objavljeno dana: 3.6.2007 10:29:00
Naslov: GREEK AMBASSADOR VISIT SREBRENICA Greek Ambassador in BiH Constantina Mavroskelidou visited on Saturday the Memorial Center Potocari and Srebrenica Municipality, where she met with municipality head Abdurahmanom Malkic and assembly speaker Radomir Pavlovic. Ovo nije cijela vijest.Niste pretplaceni na ovaj servis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Greek Ambassador Visits Anti-Orthodox , Anti-Serb Propaganda Monument In Srebrenica"

You say it as it is. No issue angers me anymore than the genocide of the serbs. Not only is it inhumane but people in the west are brainwashed to believe the serbs are guilty. And I couldn't imagine how horrible it must be to live through this genocide yet be forced to apologize to the perpetrators.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The greek political class is bound by inertia and acts as as irresponsibly as lobotomized zombies. What they need is some mental viagra to force them to stimulata their thinking processes. We are dealing with an agglomerate of traitors, down to the T. From the orotund karamanlis, to the reptiline alavanos and the "Joe six pack" papandreu. Everyone of them and their cohorts to be tried and sentenced for treasonous conduct against the greek state.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Πρέπει να ενωθούμε με τα αρχαία μας ξαδέλφια, Αλβανούς, Ρουμανούς,
Κολχιδούς, Αρμένους, και να διώξουμε τους καταπατητάς Σλάβους

3:54 PM  

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