Monday, June 04, 2007

Republican American Debates

Liberal opinion journal The Nation reports on the Guiliani vs Ron Paul debates The Ron Paul crowd has been on the lists of dedicated anti-Zionists on various Internet fora for years now, it seems that this Ron Paul is closer to what is called a paleo-conservative in American political parlance, meaning he's against foreign interventions, including those made on behalf of "Is-rael"

It's highly doubtful that Ron Paul will become the Republican presidential candidate since he's also consistently voted against Bush's Iraq war, the other contender Guiliani ,the former New York mayor who thoroughly mallified the city for real estate developers and paved the way for gentrified yuppy and transplant wonderland the city is today, is long the darling of Zionists, flying around the world to speak at Zionist conferences, and once made headlines in his first year as mayor for harassing Palestinian leader Arafat during a UN visit, doubtful he'll be nominated either, probably the Republicans will find some boring , middle of the road, clod like McCain, who will follow Bush's pro-Zionist policies, but with less bombast than powder-face-mavro-Guiliani. There you have it dear readers, Hellenic Nationalist's take on the Republican primary. Bottom line, Greece will always be on the sh*t list no matter who rules in the white house. Yes, I know, this is mental masturbation...


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