Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Greek Blogging On Greek Corruption

The reuters news service reports on the existence of a blog of a Greek victim of Greek bureaucracy, that i first found through Greek Alert blog, the scoundrels in the Greek state still have not been able to silence the blogosphere:

Kalyvinou wrote about how doctors failed to diagnose a painful tumour in her leg when she was 8 years old, of her struggles with extreme pain and her fights with Greek bureaucracy to get the care and medicine she needed.
But the philosophy student also showed a strong spirit and a sense of humour, listing among her favourite movies the film "Life is beautiful".
Even her blog is named after the small envelope with cash -- fakellaki -- that many Greeks feel obliged to give to state hospital doctors for services that should be free.
"Have a good trip Amalia. You taught us humanity, which we had forgotten in our superficial, consumerist lives," one blogger wrote on [].


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