Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29th Black Tuesday

( Photo and painting courtesy of Stohos blog and newspaper)
Today is a black day in the Hellenic Nationalist calendar, on this day , a Tuesday, on May 29th 1453, the greatest and most beautiful Christian city in human existence,Constantinople, was lost to Turkic beasts led by Mehmed.Our last emperor,the Great Martyr the Emperor Blessed Constantine XI Paleologos.... disappeared in the battle that day, some day, some say, he will return. memory eternal , and each year Hellenic Nationalists everywhere think of how next year, next year, we may be able to return to the City, and place a cross,once again, upon Aghia Sophia, tonight Hellenic Nationalists as far as the eye could see, gathered around Metropoleos square in Athens, outside the metropolitan church of Athens, to pay respects on the monument of our last emperor,many knowing full well that someday he will make the leap home.


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