Thursday, May 31, 2007

American Teen Punished For Anti-Homo "Hate"

According to this Chicago Tribune report a teenager, became one of the first victims of American pro-homosexual hate crime laws: , "A teenage girl charged with a felony hate crime for making fliers with derogatory statements about homosexuality and distributing them at a Crystal Lake high school was released from a juvenile detention center Wednesday but will remain strictly monitored. The 16-year-old student, whose ankles were shackled in court, cried after McHenry County Circuit Judge Michael Chmiel said she could return home to her mother, who sat beside her during the juvenile court hearing.

The homosexual lobby in America has successfully lobbied for "hate crime" legislation protecting them from attackers or insults from the general public, and have made their presence felt throughout American "culture" as an acceptable "alternative lifestyle" America's cultural lap dog ,today's Greece, isn't too far behind in accepting the deviants as "normal". Athens has already hosted "Gay Pride" parades, major Greek networks broadcast homosexual courtships, and even homosexual sex. Soon, we can expect Greece or one of its masters, the EU, adopting such legislation that would allow courts to arrest people for insulting a sexual deviant, oh poor deviants.

In any case, this issue will never be dealt with until we have a regime in Greece that can deal with the homosexual within, before we can even begin to confront homosexual lobbying from without. Homosexuals and other such deviants are said to hold key positions in the Greek political establishment, including in the Greek Foreign Ministry. Making any "foreign policy" Greece may have beholden to any intelligence service happening to blackmail a Greek embassy or consular official still "in the closet" We wrote this last line, conscious that laws exist in America that could imprison us, for suggesting that the Greek political establishment, and Mustafa Kemal, is gay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


sounds very unfortunete.

However, I guess the best way to talk against homosexuality is in a diplomatic way.
Talk against it, and say why it is wrong and than the immoral homo-supporting authorities can't really do anything against us I guess?

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