Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anarchists In Greece Attacking Church ;State Does Nothing

Our Hellenic Nationalist comrade sent a message about the escalating reign of Anarchist terror in Greece: As "Eleftheros Kosmos" reports, an anarchist terrorist group targeted the Theological School of Athens by burning the school's chapel. In addition, they have promised to destroy the Theological School if it doesn't "change the courses that are taught" and if the school doesn't "democratize". These anti-Orthodox and anti-Hellenic janissaries need to be dealt with quickly and severely. In any other period of Greek history, these traitors would already have been several feet underground. That they still breathe is a testament to the weakness and impotence that has befallen Orthodox Christian nationalists.

We've also been informed that a faction of Anarchists openly brag about their recent attacks ,including the above mentioned incidents, and have gone as far as to publish a blog depicting the violence , along with videotapes of the attacks. The fact that Greek intelligence and Greek police seem unable to track down the perpetrators despite the fact the photos and videos of the attackers exists on a public blog, yet jump to the task of arresting anti-Turkey protesters who have caused absolutely no harm to Greek property,churches or flags--IMPLICATES the Greek state , as is quite obvious now to observers, in these attacks on Greece. The convictions of many Nationalist observers is that the Greek State is working with the Anarchists!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The anarchist movement ( if that is what they call themselves) its an organ of the state. It has been a functional state organ since 1974. The ill assorted, rag tag agglomeration of ruffians, vandals and good for nothings are used - whenever the occasion calls- by the government and state disciplines; the objective its always to distract attention from burning issues, or to make political contributions to the govt. agenda. To get rid of the anarchists, you must first get rid of the corrupt corpse of the greek political class.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous pelusanis said...

The church needs to mobilize its faithful. They are faiing in their calling to defend the faith, its institutions and its pivotal position as the backbone of greek life. Thye have ceded territory to the secular forces , and now they are threatened by the secular governmental structures which sole purpose is to destroy and dismantle greek nationhood. Remove orthodoxy awareness and conciousness from the greek national psyche, and you'll have nothing left for the volk.

The church has an enemy. The government, the state, the atheistic apparatus strangling greek life. What is the church doing in its defence ?


3:53 AM  

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