Monday, August 15, 2005

Cyprus Airliner Becomes Flying Rocket Tomb

Breaking news is that a Cyprus airliner crashed just north of Athens, the Reuters reports I read give all the graphic details that some Greek media is just leaving out. There is now a three day period of mourning in the Nation.

Here also is ERT's chronicle of the recent disaster. The Cyprus airliner became a flying unmanned rocket heading straight for Athens, it ended up crashing in a mountain ravine outside Athens, still there could definitely be a possibility of foul play over this bizarre incident and experts have not ruled out that many factors could have caused the crash.

Greek F-16 fighter jets were sent out to scramble the incoming out of control airliner, deemed "renegade", and a national emergency was called, and judging from the strikingly quick response time it is amazing for me that the Greek air force and the Greek Prime Minister and Defense Department reacted with such speed, which was not at all the case with the crashing airplanes in America that became known a 9-11.


Anonymous ID said...

A cover up is brewing. What likely happend was terrorists fed some kind of toxins into the passenger and cockpit ventilation system knocking everyone out. Then they tried for a couple of hours to break into the cockpit. When they did, they started heading for Athens. Then the heroic F16 pilots shot the plane down.

Media reports claim that the people seen in the cockpit were flight attendants. Utter bullshit. Why didnt they gain access to the cockpit sooner? Why didn't they use the radio to contact. And if they did not know how to use the radio, why did they not make an effort to signal the F16's that they were friends and not foes?

Something fishy going on here...I'd say the Turks are up to no good in this case.

For people in Hellas, read the news paper "Xora's" coverage of this story and watch Alter news. These two media outlets appear to be the only ones concerned with what happend to the flight and try to make a serious analysis.

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