Thursday, August 11, 2005

Those Damned Greek Landlords!

Two of the ten '' worst landlords '' are not Jewish (I'm assuming that Frank Pazzalo is Italian and Nicholas Haros is Greek) and confirms once again that ''stereotypes'' are true. Those damned greasy Greeks and Italians! Since the 1970s the make-up has been dominated by one group, in every major city in the United States. This list is for New York City.

Another reason for "anti-oops?..."

Top Ten List

1. Aaron Parnes
2. Moshe Piller
3. Emmanuel Ku
4. David Somerstein
5. Hank Freid
6. Nicholas Haros
7. Belmax (Chaim Wachsman & Moishe Beilush)
8. Frank Palazzolo
9. Barry Singer
10. Eshel Management (Zvi Kaufman)

July 2005 NYC's Worst Landlords Report:

1. AARON PARNES-Taking the Money and Running Award

For nearly eight years, Aaron Parnes owned 552 Academy Street, a 76 unit building in the Inwood section of Manhattan.

When Parnes took ownership of the building in 1997, the building had 130 documented violations. Among the 550 violations Parnes racked up during his ownership were 102 Class C violations (the most severe kind)-including missing locks on the front door, exposed electrical wiring, mold and mildew.

As the violations mounted, tenants organized and pressure on Parnes grew. In April, he took the money and ran-flipping the building to Harlem Holdings LLC, a company controlled by Gadi Zamir.

When he sold it in April to Zamir-the building had 693 violations-including recent citations for vermin (roaches and mice), exposed electrical violations and ceiling leaks.

"For 7 1/2 years, Aaron Parnes has been the owner of my building, and tenants have suffered. He ran it into the ground, made a bunch of money, and dumped it without making repairs. Now they tell me someone else owns it. I don't know. And I don't care-I just want them to fix it now," stated Candido Anencio, a 27 year resident of 552 Academy.


In 2002, The New York Daily News did a survey of the worst housing code violators in each borough. At that time, they found 1504 Sheridan Avenue among the city's ten worst buildings-with 1,034 violations including "leaks, broken windows, defective plumbing, mildew, broken and defective plaster, gaping holes in ceilings and floors, insect infestation."

In 2003, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development listed Piller as one of the city's worst "problem owners" with 22 buildings on file containing 1156 units and a total of 9,376 violations.

In November 2004, The New York Daily News's William Sherman named Moshe Piller "the King of the Slumlords" for "making millions from misery" citing "an astounding 7,313 current housing code violations," as documented by city inspections during that year, in 29 residential buildings owned by Piller, including 1504 Sheridan Avenue.

These violations included vermin, broken windows, mold, lead paint, and faulty wiring. Three years later, the building still has 759 violations on file with HPD.

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