Thursday, August 18, 2005

What Are Pakistanis Doing In Greece?

In recent years Athens has been inundated with hordes of Pakistanis, or as a buddy calls them Crap-istanis, this gypsy-look-alike people tend to follow Greeks around somehow, they are the seamen in too many Greek-owned ships around the world, and have been also been moving into Astoria and building Islamic centers all over the place, from the ones I knew in college , I know that they have some awestruck unexplainable lust for Greek females as well. In any case, Phylax reports on an investigation into Pakis associated with Islamic fundamentalist terrorism living in Greece and unbeknownst to me the existence of an "Greek-Pakistani Cultural Association (yes, there's one, apparently...)" in the new globalized Greece.

What I'd like to know is why and how is it that Greeks, the government and common people, stand for having hordes of Pakis roaming in Athens? The truth is these Pakis are legal immigrants and could be sighted working on public works projects in Greece and some have even opened their own shops and Muslim food and social venues in the backstreets of Omonia.

The Pakistanis are well known for being fanatical followers of the most extreme form of Islamic fundamentalism that is most vehemently anti-Christian and have gone on record expressing enthusiastic support for the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, this view was even publicly shared by Pakistan's leader Musharraf who was eager to invade Cyprus.

Can't Greece find a way to allow more friendly ,or at the very least,benign, immigrants into Greece? Granted a Greek state that outlaws abortion and encourages greater population growth would be ideal. Even so,if there really is a need, is there really a shortage of Romanians or Poles who would love to legally immigrate into Greece? Why Crap-istanis of all people?


Anonymous Eurylochus said...

These Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other cousins of theirs are infesting greek streets. They are worse than sewer rats emerging from the underground sewers. How on earth are they allowed in, who allowed them in ? You go toward the back streets in Omonia and there you see their unsightly filthy haunts, and food shops.You go to Plaka and there they are standing in army fashion peddling their rubbish trinkets and baubles and suitcases. You must notice that this "army" of peddlers and hawkers are poised on the border where the Flea Market begins. At the moment the Flea Market area is greek, for how long ?. If they are not stopped, their next move is to attempt to infiltrate into the shopping area by opening one or two shops of their own, then it will be a matter of time before the entire market falls into their hands. The Plaka flea market and its environs would become a "Paki City", just like they have done everywhere else.The character of the area will be lost for ever, and under the feet of the Parthenon we will have loud speakers blaring their cacophonous Asian sounds.
We have lost the capacity to defend ourselves. We are constantly reminded about our heroic and valiant struggle against the Italian/German axis in defence of our soil and heritage, but there is absolute silence about the pernicious and stealth invasion of undesirable vandals streaming into our land with one objective in mind, unlike the Germans and Italians during the struggle,to permanently settle,displace Greeks and expand their presence in our land.
They must all be routed and swept out of Greece. The problem is of infernal proportions. As a community they appear to have established a foothold with the blessing of our blind and myopic government, they will grow fast, proliferate like rats do, and before we know it entire areas and suburbs will be Pakistanized plus the fact that they'll become a "factor" an Asian/Muslim political and social factor in our land.
The consequences are too ghastly to contemplate, and we have brought this upon our heads by our own irredeemable folly

4:28 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

just pathetic. how the Greek govnernment lets them in is pathetic. This Multi-Culteral bullshit thingy pushed by both PASOK and New-Democracy is fucked. soon Greece will be taken ova by Albanians, Turks (in Thrace), Pakis, Jews (in Salonika)and otha forieners, in the new, very ''Multi-Culteral'' nation of Greece. The government is fucking up Greece, and Greek culture and the greek race will slowly start to extirminate...

2:53 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

Hellenic Nationalist:
''What I'd like to know is why and how is it that Greeks, the government and common people, stand for having hordes of Pakis roaming in Athens?''

its coz they aren't tru Greeks, they dont care about the welfare of Greece at all...all they care about is sitting at the cafe all day and drinking their frape....
i doubt i'd even call them Greek.

Greeks i know of(as a majority) that truly care about the welfare of Greece, are the ones in Melbourne (where I live). We are by far the MOST Nationalistic Greeks, i know of anywhere.
the Greeks in Greece are simply for the tip, they are just left-wing, homo luving, whorish, piss weak cunts...

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because they work where Greeks don't want to work. It's as simple as that.

Wake up

12:23 PM  
Anonymous gyge said...

Work ? in what capacity do they work? Peddling garbage in the underground tunnels, selling CD's, and smuggled goods in the streets of Athens ?Selling lottery tickets,ragged goods, manning a variety of dubious shops trading in stolen merchandise. Sure as hell Athens and all other major cities needs Pakistanies flower seller in their dozens in every street corner to hustle motorists to buy their carnations.It is a recondite mystery how we survived all these years without our lives being graced by the loitering Pakistanies and others like them . Hashis, drugs, smuggling illegals,accosting and pestering passers by, pimping and littering the avenues with their repelling, scrofulous appearance ; these are the type of work they do and Greece has a dire necessity to fill these lofty vacancies. Their obstreperous presence is unappetizing and offensive to us all, their mission is not to peddle in scraps, but to create a vital a space for themselves on Greek soil. A space in which their numbers will grow exponentially with the passage of time( Pakistan has an unquantifiable human flotsam ,like other Asian fiefs they have a compelling urge to disgorge these rejects somewhere) and their expansion in Greek territory would be at the expense of the honest and hard working Greeks who are being left without protection by a sell out government made up by lounge lizzards and corrupt mercenaries who live and toil in a world of their own devoid of any interest for their Greek nation . Pakistan is exporting their human refuse to Greece, with their misery,diseases,stench and dirt. Muslims and other unassimilable aliens don't belong in Greece under any circumstances.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You my friend are deranged. Have you ever left Athens, and been to the yparcheia? Lets say in Makedonia. Who does all the manual labor there? The noble Greek race? Of course not. They are too busy filing their fingernails. And as for trinkets, etc. lets overgeneralize just a little bit more. So we could seem even stupider.

So quit your whining. Albanians, Bulgars, Pakis are needed. That's the reality.

As for the Asian/Muslim political game, it's already over, so an increase doesn't matter anyway.

And honestly, worst things have happened to Greece. Secondly, the balkan peninsula has been polyethnic since the late 4th century. Even the Peloponessus, that bastion of hellinism, had over 30,000 Albanians by the late 14th century. Only after the Smyrna debacle has the peninsula become so homogenous (not probably since the turn of the millenium...).

So there you have it. Relax, breathe. Remember, Greece never dies, she only melts.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous eurylochus said...

Anonymous might be spending idle time filing his/her fingernails.
In his/her rumbling hallucinatory vivid imagination Greece is melting and can not do without foreigners. Absurd comment.
You need to read carefully what is written. We are not refering to "seasonal" workers from neighbouring European lands.
We are speaking about what Pakistanies are doing in Greeece and by extension Asians, muslims and other thirld worlders.
It is fatal to the destiny of a nation, in our Greece, to permit the unnecessary establishment,consolidation and growth of unassilmilable colonies of alien enclaves ,racially distinct in colour,culture and tradition to the native population.Its implementation is divisive,destructive to the Greek social fabric.
If you are blind to this,... well carry on filing your finger nails.
Greece is greek,orthodox, and a homeland for Greeks.Its survival as a Greek nation is dependant in routing all undesirable and unassimilable aliens out of Hellas ( Pakis and others). Flush the flotsam out. It is sheer lunacy to import the dread,misery,filth of other distant people and make Greece into a garbage dump. That is being "deranged". Greece is homogenously greek and it is up to her to keep it like that or allow it to die.

6:28 AM  

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