Saturday, June 03, 2006

German Magazine Defies 'Holocaust Denial' Law

Mathaba says

The first cracks in the political and legal edifice to protect the Holocaust industry from criticism have started to appear and are likely to widen over time. The German magazine Der Spiegel has landed a major coup in its latest edition not for doing a rare exclusive interview with the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, but for allowing him to express views which would have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence had they been stated by a German national. It is not clear whether this was the intention of Der Spiegel, which in an editorial distanced itself from the remarks by the Iranian president ...


Anonymous Hermes said...

Whatever you think of the Iranian leader, he really made Der Spiegel look like fools. He kept asking the same question and they were not able to answer him. The question was basically, "If the Holocaust did happen, and it happened in Europe, then why do the Palestinians have to pay?". Simple question really.

Just goes to show what the colonisation of the German mind has done. It has turned an intelligent and proud people into pathetic idiots.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Dariush said...

In the words of Ernst Zundel:

"Whatever else you do, do not come to Germany, not under any illusion of safe conduct! This entity, and its population, has had 60 years to free itself from its mental shackles. [The Germans] are not in this situation for lack of knowing what the facts are - they are, to one degree or another, willfully blind out of cowardice, not out of ignorance of the facts! More truth will not make me, or them, more free - it will only make them more afraid, increasing their cowardice exponentially! Fear and cowardice have their own rules. Fearful people are in a labyrinth of terror, usually of their own making!

The Americans have a very deep, meaningful saying: «The coward dies a thousand deaths - the brave man only once.»! I have often wondered about my own people, out of whose [midst] I was born. Why this fear? How can one explain the heroism of these people in war - and their abject and continued cowardice when confronting the facts of their own history?

I have no degree in psychology, I have no files here and no medical books to prove my theory, but I am sure that there must be a medical condition called «Schuld-und-Sühne Complex». [Transl. : A craving for guilt and redemption.] Like any such affliction - like gambling addiction, alcoholism, drug dependency - the patient first has to admit that he has a problem - if he does not, all therapies will fail. No amount of sacrifice [on my part] for decades, almost a half century, has generated a ground-swell of meaningful self-liberation - I am afraid that to expect any change in this situation would be a cruel self-delusion."

2:16 AM  

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