Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I got this news, thanks to the Final Conflict Email Newsletter...

The European National Front gathers in Bucharest
Noua Dreapta (The New Right), La Falange and Die Nationaldemokraten Partei auf Deutschland (NPD), gathered in Bucharest on the 17th of June, for adopting the European National Front’s statute. On this occasion, the European National Front defined itself as a decentralised and pan-European organization, made of independent nationalist organisations and political parties working in the same direction.
The member organisations decided that ENF should act mainly in this directions:

1. defense of the sovereignty, dignity and independence of Europe and of all containing nations. A Europe for the Nations, not for the bankers, economic globalization and regional separatism;
2. promoting the European culture, traditions and Christian faith, as opposed to cultural globalization, illegal immigration and EU integration of non-European culture and geographic location (such as Turkey);
3. promoting an economic system based on a real “social justice”, not based on fierce capitalism or Marxist dogmas.
4. defending Europe against the American imperialism trying to make it’s point through violence;
5. promoting traditional family values and the right of life against abortion, against homosexual “marriages” and gay adoptions.

The next ENF reunion will take place in Madrid at the end of November.
Noua Dreapta -

Last weekend took part in Bucarest, wonderfully organized by our Romanian Comrades, the fifth European National Front meeting from its foundation in 2003.
Although two first years of this Organization were not very significant, now the course of the ENF is being slow but fruitful from its re-foundation in Madrid last November by La Falange, NPD, Forza Nuova, Noua dreapta and Patriotic Alliance from Greece, that had the presence of outstanding European leaders such as Udo Voigt and Roberto Fiore.
In this last meeting, some of the several issues that had been already suggested in previous meetings in Madrid and Athens such as List of ENF Rules, way for new organizations to join ENF and ENF structure has been closed. This structure will have an Assembly consisting on three representatives of each organization, a comittee or executive secretary that will decide on urgent issues which cannot wait to be sorted out until the next Assembly meeting and a Presidency that will be changed every six months and that is already effective, and for which the Spanish Delegation headed by the General Secratary Felipe Pιrez was unanimously designated.
We'd like to thanks everybody for placing their trust in us and we undertake the commitment of the Presidence as a honour and a challenge, that hopefully we'll know how to face up.
From these lines we send our best wishes to the Italian Delegation that couldn't attend the meeting because the accident that they suffered on the way to the airport, and specially to his highest representative, Martin that had to be sent to hospital.
For the Fatherland's EUROPE!!


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