Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Deviant West, International Jewry et al Gain Another Victory

The Canadian Press gleefully reports that non-Orthodox places of "worship" can get licensed in Greece without Church of Greece approval.


Anonymous Hermes said...

Hellenic Nationalist, nothing much has changed. The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs is controlled by para ecclestiastical staff. It will still take a long time to see a mosque in Athens.

I read an Al-Jazeera article on this subject. You'd think Arab armies were in Syntagma Square the way they reported it.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous paulus said...

Bad , bad, bad news. I hope the church does not cave in, and seeks support from all orthodox to forestall any possibility for Muslim entrenchement in Greece.The church, the last Greek bastion, must dig in its heels and flatly say NO. If a Mosque is build in Athens, others mosques will mushroom all over the country, the entry into Greece of Muslims ,as well as other trash ,is neither regulated , nor controlled, and with the construction of places of "worship" ( heavens for militant cells to grow and multiply) further muslim immigration is encouraged and fostered.
It is of no consolation to say that "it will still take a long time to see a mosque in Athens", the premise implies that it will eventually be built. It should never be allowed. The muslim can keep themselves in their lands, and build as many mosques as they wish in their nations. The issue of a building of a Mosque in Athens should not even figure in anyone's agenda. Stoppage of muslim vagrants flowing into Greece and sealing of the borders to wipe out all illegal invaders, these are issues that should be on the agenda and deserving of urgent attention.

Another battle won by the destroyers of the Greek nation.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Petrine said...

Essential to the understanding of our chaotic times is the knowledge that the chosen race constitutes a united anti christian bloc, anti orthodox, within christian society and is working for the overthrow of that society by every means at its disposal. Its main ally in this work to overthrow traditional christian orthodox society the muslim bloc is playing a leading role.
The same conclusions can be directly applied to the growing muslim presence in Greece.
It is obvious that the average Greek has been indoctrinated and infected with the anti national dogmas of universalism, tolerance, globalism, and other poisonous ideologies which numb and paralyze healthy instincts. The orthodox church bears the responsibility of what is probably likely to develop in the future. They either fight or are going to go under. The political class is an element of foreign and globalist subversion. The democratic parties are committing treason against the Greek state, they are not interested in preserving Greece as a land for Greeks. Then it behoves the Church to adopt the required militancy and zealotry to safeguard nationalism and orthodoxy. The muslim presence in Greece will in time lead to its gradual dissolution. The muslims must not be permitted to set foot in Greece. Greece is surrounded by a sea of moslems to the south and east. Turkey is a vast conduit for the transportation of illegal immigrants ( from the East, Pakistan, Bengladesh,India, Iraq, Sudan,Agfanistan, muslims all) into Europe; Greece is a halfway station for this gigantic traffic. The Turks simply use the Aegean islands as garbage dumps. When will this human trafficking stop ? Has the drug trafficking stopped ?, inspite of wild rethoric about the "war" on drugs ?.
It will be up to Greeks and the Greek church to fight for its survival, by putting a stop to this trafficking into Greece, returning to its traditional values and ideals which preserved the Greek nation throughout the centuries. In allowing the muslim population to find space and room to grow and proliferate (in the name of tolerance, understanding, egalitarianism, applying standards of an anachronistic refugee convention agreement of 1951, following blindly the dictates of the EU, religious ecumenism, encouraging immigration into a country which is hard pressed even to provide a livelihood for its nationals, ) is a prescription for lying the foundations to destroy Greece and Greeks.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous alki said...

The Church opposition has its limitations. Regretably as it may be. The politicians and the government are vassals of Brussels. To rekindle the national spirit the first step is to get the hell out of the EU gulag. By remaining a member of the EU, Greece has relinquished its sovereignty. The first step to abdication of national sovereignety was when the Euro replaced the 3000 year old national currency, the second step was to align itself and observe strict adherence with "Imigration, refugee, asylum seekers" and other un national and un greek policies as dictated by the EU, the third step was the approval of the EU constitution, the fourth step was the abdication of the armed forces to the defence of Greece. Today the armed forces are an instrument of NATO for policing law and order in the Greek province of Brussels.

Check and look at the faces of the members of the political administration, observe the grandiloquent style of their flowing speeches adorned with unintelligible phrases and void of any substance, observe their contrived smirks and smiles and their anti greek rethoric for the cameras and the nation at large and then draw your own conclusions.
Can you place your trust on gourmandizing redolent Karamanlis ? Can you place your trust on the snivelling traitor windmill Papandreu and his crew of nation wreckers ? Can you place your trust on the sell out crypto communist ,and champion of the immigrant sludge Alavanos ? Can you place your trust on housewife Papariga. These are the political captains, or political waiters, ruining and selling the destinies of a nation. They purport to have political and ideological differences between each other, but behind the scenes they rub their hands together and congratulate each other on their fawning and kow towing to Brussels and the EU; the devourer of nation states, national cultures ,identity and ethnos.

To make matters worse the concerted international attack against the church continues unabated. The sexual and financial scandals involving the Orthodox priests has the intention of discrediting the Church in the eyes of its believers and followers.

The system is the enemy, the multifaceted international, globalist, enslaving of nations system. The collapse of this system can lead to a redemption and rekindling of the national ethos and the rediscovering of national roots, the fealty to national culture and tradition.

4:31 AM  

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