Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Greek Woman Jailed By Jews

Greek activist supporting the Palestinians celebrates birthday in Israeli jail
Palestine-Israel-Greece, Politics, 7/18/2006

Maria Nikiforou celebrated today her thirty-fourth birthday in isolation in the Ben Gurion detention center, International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

Israeli security put Maria in isolated detention in Ben Gurion Airport on July 14 and is denying her entry, saying that she is a security threat to Israel. Yesterday the authorities took away her cell phone, even though it is allowed for detainees to have their cell phones in this facility.

This is the second international in the last two months that has been denied entry to Israel because of their affiliations with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

The ISM is a Palestinian-led movement supporting Palestinian non-violent resistance to the occupation and Apartheid Wall. Their activities include demonstrations, accompaniment to farmers' land, and documentation of human right's abuses.

Maria's lawyers filed an appeal on her behalf, and the Israeli authorities has responded saying that the reason that she is denied entry is because she is a member of the ISM, and she didn't state that upon entry to the airport. The judge is expected to set a court date within the next few days.

Maria was in 2005 in the West Bank village Bil'in where she participated in the non-violent struggle against the Israeli seperation Wall.


Anonymous Ariadni said...

Where the hell is the greek government now, and how is the greek state protects its people???

This is happening from the 14th July!It's not something that happened a few hours ago!


3:30 AM  
Anonymous WTF?! said...

Good for Israel...she's a commie. They can keep her and treat her like her grandfather treated Nationalists.

F*ckin "solidarity" bullsh|t. These people distract from the main objective... RECONQUERING LOST TERRITORY IN WHAT IS NOW TURKEY, ALBANIA, BULGARIA, CROATIA, ROMANIA. Muslims be damned, for they are the eternal enemies of Hellenism. Alexander saw this, the Byzantines had a hard time with them, and now we have Hellenic Nationalists supporting "solidarity" anarchists and Muslims too!

3:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are promethean types of social , political and economic issues afflicting Greek national life. These issues are calling for urgent attention and solutions. If the lady in question is a left leaning partisan, or a "commie", (as alleged by wft) who identifies and champions leftist causes, which incidentally are wrecking Greek life beyond all recognition, than she is better off being out of the country than inside the country. She would serve Greece better in investing her strength and efforts rallying for the prevention and rejection of the illegal migration of muslims and other thirld world life forms into small Greece than charting off on adventursome and forlorn forays in defence of other peoples (however moral and just her intent )causes , which has rendered her a candidate for a short vacation in an Israeli dungeon instead

As far as a Greek government is concerned, it must be urgently acknowledged that ! there is no such thing as a "Greek government" !!.
Yes, there is a government but it is not Greek, it is an anti Greek administrative and ,poorly ,policing body to keep a semblance of law and order devoid of loyalty and fealty to Greece.
The politician's or "managers on duty" paymasters are in the EU and the USA. The Greek clowns,incumbent party and so called opposition parties, masquerading as "government of Greece" , jump and dance to the mellifluous tunes and instructions emanating from those centers.They spend their office hours in a Parliament or chamber for charlatans and cheats, ruminating like parasites and, pretending to be "working" and looking after their own personal interests and ambitions.

As far as Israel is concerned, they are doing what is best for the jewish state. Unlike Greece or any other pseudo nation inside the EU,which is run and controlled by puppets on the orders of "foreign interests and masters", the jewish state is jewish, it is a nation for jews alone, it is democratic for the jews, with jewish leaders following national goals.

One may not agree with what Israel is doing, in fact they are behaving like genuine criminals; but the fact remains that their criminality is aimed at advancing their national interests.

Fancy the clowns at Parliament issuing a protest or muffled sigh of disgruntlement at the Israeli government for the ill treatment of a Greek national ? Whoever has the bravery of effrontery to utter such a call or sentence will be the last time that he or she may have made a call in an "official capacity".

Don't loose any sleep waiting to see the trogdolyte of Alavanos showing his anger, in his broken tractor engine voice, or feigning a protest on the woman's behalf.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous betun said...

More examples of how the corroding influence of the sons of Zion are devouring the freedom of the nations of the world. Utter national and racial destruction by the forces of the chosen, in whichever land they dwell, and utter and complete domination of the bamboozled masses by the thought and control mass world media apparatus.

Watching the news at Sky or CNN or any other ZOG controlled media station it is incredible to observe the bias and propaganda cacophony on behalf of ZOG . The wreckage and demolition of Lebanon is shown in subliminal fashion and given short shrift by avoiding the use of tendentious and impacting words, whilst the rest of the news coverage dwells on how the sons of Zion are "defending" themselves and how dramatic and life threatening the situation is for the dwellers of tiny Zion .

Anyone , bereft of historical reality and ignorant of the politics of the area, when watching the news will be left with the impression that the victim is Zion and self defence in the name of Zion is the holy of holies. The repetitive hum drum of the coverage with slanted views, interviews of journalists steeped and soaked in ZOG mind sets of third party "political analysts" also heavily tainted and dyed in the wool ZOG critters, demonstrates that the manipulation of events, information and fulminating propaganda is the ultimate formidable weapon in ZOG's arsenal. A slavishly orchestrated propaganda campaign in favor of the Devil can make Satan look like an Angel.

There is one victim, ZOG, there is one aggresor, those opposing ZOG, there is one justice, there is one law and one redemption and that is ZOG's

4:24 AM  

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