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America WWII Veteran Says: "The longer I live the more convinced I am we fought the wrong people in WWII" -- by Joe Cortina

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Re: Stop Treating Israel as Special, Say German Academics

A letter / Nov. 19, 2006

by Joe Cortina

You know Michael - the longer I live and the more I read and the more experiences I garner - the more convinced I am that - to a large extent - we fought the wrong people in WWII. 30 years ago - I wouldn't have even listened to a person who dared to make such a controversial statement. To an educated person (AND Well traveled and well informed ) - the evidence is legion.

Patton WAS RIGHT! That's why our leftist dominated (starting with FDR - may he rest in HELL!) high command had him murdered. As a prior military person of infinitely lesser significance - that is why I can identify with him more than any other American field commander

Dresden - Hamburg - Nagasaki and Hiroshima are the IN YOUR FACE examples. There are LOTS and LOTS of REAL evidence of purposeful manipulation of FACTS by media - publications and visual presentations. MANY of these lies were the handiwork of the Jews -- WOW! REALLY BIG SURPRISE - EH?

I will give you but one 'read' example and one personal experience - out of literally so many examples - that I can't recall them all. I didn't gather this stuff 'over-night'. People NEED to know these FACTS! The truth will always 'out' - but sometimes it wears a very timid and reclusive appearance.

Personal example:

While a Special Forces A-Team commander in mid 60s - I had an ops Sgt. that was German. He was a child at the end of the war but what he told me spoke volumes about the lies that the 'CHOSEN" MASTERS OF ALL LIES (according to God - anyway) had concocted to divert justifiable anger for their relentless destruction of the economic and moral fiber of Germany circa the Weimar era. His insight into the ACTUAL situation near the end was de-facto proof of the situation in the prison camps. He told stories of near starvation - rummaging through garbage cans for potato peelings that were discarded by the few lucky ones sad stories of human suffering and deprivation (civilians) as bad as you have heard for ANY country. So -- what did these greasy Jews think they were entitled to as their reward for morally and economically descimating the entire country before Hitler? Weinerschnitzlel und Sauerbtarren? - or perhaps fine wines and deserts with truffles? While these Jews (keep in mind what Jews have done to EVERY COUNTRY THEY HAVE INFESTED) were starving and diseases ran rampant throughout the crowded camps - a large number died -- mostly AND FACTUALLY of cholera, dysentery typhoid, etc. The ONLY effective way to have some control of stopping the spread was cremation Meanwhile HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HOMELESS GERMAN CIVILIANS - virtually ALLL Christian people would have loved to have had those fuels used for cremation just to keep their families from freezing to death (thanks to the likes of mega murdering genius of Curtis Lemay and 'Bomber' Harris) [ I won't even mention Japan]

Remember - my Sgt. Doster WAS THERE! He lived that nightmare as a child! There were a lot more gory details -- but you have the idea.

Something I read example:

A friend discovered several volumes of WWII in his attic and knowing my interest as an amatuer WWII historian - he gave them to me. I had never before seen this edition and read them intently. After a day or two something became vividly apparent. They were in actuality a compendium for continuing the hatred of the German people - as if their unspeakable agonies - especially the civilians had not been penance enough. After reading example after example of thinly veiled hatred of the Germans as a people - NOT ONLY HITLER OR THE MILITARY - I went to the preface - and THERE IT WAS! The publishers were non other than - YOU GUESSED IT -- THE CHOSEN! The KOSHER NOSTRA!

For example there were 2 instances of captured saboteurs - in different volumes as I recall. In one instance the saboteurs were allied commandos posing as Germans - seasoned professionals trained by OSS to create mayhem behind German lines - spies. The captions described the 'war crimes' of the nasty Nazis who had these spies executed. The spies - were of course portrayed a heroes - victims and martyrs. HOLD THAT PICTURE! Courageous Allied spies - nasty mean war criminal Nazis. Example #2 Similar situation only this time it was a handful of German kids - all in their teens (this was during the last desperate period of the war and these children volunteered to do what they could for their country). They were caught behind the lines in civilian clothes as spies -- and guess what? no trials - no prisoners - they were simply lined up against a wall and executed by allied soldiers! There was one difference, however. Whilst the AMERICAN spies were "courageous" and honored for their perfidy -- the German kids were reviled as rats and of COURSE - NAZI scum -- who DESERVED their fate. One could almost close their eyes and see the Jewish authors grinning and wringing their hands with glee as the bullets ripped through the flesh of these frightened children. I can just picture them all - at 15 years old or so proudly displaying their National Socialist Party Cards.

NAZIS MY ASS!!!! They were just frightened kids who were desperate to save their families and their country from the utter destruction they had already witnessed at the hands of their 'CHRISTIAN' enemies. What monstrous hypocricies! These kind of hate mentality perversions were and still are emblematic of the ONLY ethnic group on earth capable of such lying and twisted sadism and cruelty -especially in Palestine ---- The natural enemies of ALL FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLES ------THE JEWS! And they STILL proclaim to wonder WHY they are the most despised people on planet earth!


Joe Cortina


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It is not the case that a belief is worthy of respect, or is even interesting merely because it is widely held, though that it is widely held may give one food for thought. Of the religions I studied, the one I found least worthy of intellectual respect was Judaism.

----British Scholar and Philosopher Bryan Magee in 1997


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