Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colombian-connected Venezeulan,English (Pewh!) And Albanian (Shiptar) Cocaine Runners In Greece, Busted!

el reports:

The laboratory was hidden in a house at Anavyssos, a resort located about 40 kilometers to the south of Athens, said the Ministry of Economy and Finance in a press release.

The police detained one British, two Venezuelans and two Albanians, and seized also 26 kilograms of cocaine, AFP reported.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that Athens has become the toilet bowl of the multicultural cesspool we are living in. As if we did not have enough cancerous cells by harboring pakis,bengalis, agfanies, basketball monkey from the ghettoes of USA and biped mongrels from footballing brazil chimps from africa chasing a round ball in our stadiums, and other detritius from africa and asia, now we also have to play host to the effluent material from latin america; colombians, venezuelans. What is next ? This is what happens when there is no government, no law , no order, no racial awareness, a borderless periphery called Greece. The law of the jungle prevails, Greece becomes another hoi poloi suburban ghetto in the racial chaos of the USA-EU ( under direct management of the chosen) axis of multicultural and cultural-biological extinction.

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