Saturday, September 01, 2007

Vryonis:Greek Genocides by Turkey

I agree completely with Vryonis's historical assessment of Turkey's history , especially its state policy of Greek Genocide since its very birth as a nation, Vryonis is Harvard-educated and former Byzantine studies chair at UCLA, its about time his work gets published and discussed in Greece. Videos 3-6 are especially interesting, because in them Vryonis confronts the false historical revisionism and falsehoods by Greek pseudo-intellectuals who try to cover up for Turkey's crimes.

My only disagreement is his final prediction that Turkey's future is one of civil war, if one just looks back at the Turkish success over the past 600 yrs, one will see glaringly that the Turks through their manipulations and lies and deceit have been able to survive and conquer and they will do so in this century as well, I believe, at our Greek expense as usual, and as usual it will be when we least expect it....

Spyros Vryonis 1/6
Spyros Vryonis 2/6
Spyros Vryonis 3/6
Spyros Vryonis 4/6
Spyros Vryonis 5/6
Spyros Vryonis 6/6


Blogger Angelo said...

"...if one just looks back at the Turkish success over the past 600 yrs..."

I wouldn't necessarily call it success, rather than the defeat/butchery/enslavement of native peoples

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