Sunday, June 12, 2005

Getting Raped By Turks

Tourist girls are cheap.. to rape… in Turkey, no kidding. The hostel I was staying in when I was in Constantinople was rife with stories from Western tourist girls who were getting their buttocks and mammary glands randomly grabbed , even while they were walking alongside their Western boyfriends, by Turkish gentlemen whilst strolling through this charming "European capital", nothing new here.


Blogger Ionios Dorikos said...

Not sure where to put this, but I thought I'd alert you.

On May 8, 2004, moments after Teheran's spanking new $350 million Imam Khomeini International Airport had been officially opened with the arrival of the first foreign aircraft, the elite Revolutionary Guards, who are charged with protecting Iran's borders, stormed into the terminal and shut it down.

They said the Turkish firm that had refurbished the airport had business ties with Israel, thereby compromising Iran's national security.

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...


Thanks for the thoughtful comment and link.

The Iranian airport has been under a steady barrage of what the Iranian government has dismissed as "propaganda stories" about security , much like everything else coming out of the West about Iran.

Iran in the past ten years has stumbled upon immense natural mineral reserves , and the next step would be to try to develop the country's military-industrial complex,to make the country a fully economically developed and independent nation, as should be the duty of any responsible government. Of course, this infuriates the world's "status quo", --the possiblity of a dedicated anti-Zion/Israel superpower , that according to some sources could be the second mightiest nation in the world , if not for American and Israeli sanctions. I remember reading somewhere that Greece has more trade going to Iran than it does to the United States.

This Jerusalem Post article has a running "he said" and "she said" feel to it, I'm sure that Iran(which has had an ongoing cold war going with Turkey for at least the past 25 years) is well aware of the dangers of dealing with's funny that this Jewish publication's accusations have not been mirrored by the Muslim press, one would think they would be all over this "news"

In any case, the airport finally has opened, according to press releases by several major European airlines and from a report by Iran-based Mehr News:

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