Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Ship Of Death

As per commentator Nikos's request I have dug up Taki's American Conservative Magazine expose on the popular Polish resistance to the Globalist Left's invasion of National decision-making and religious tradition, in its quest to advance the West's post-modern culture of death:

The Dutch abortion ship made waves upon its arrival in other ways too. For one, the Langenort crew was greeted by police and customs officials who boarded the boat and sealed their stash of abortion pills in order to prevent their distribution in Poland, where they are illegal. More notably the Langenort was met at the quayside by 200 protesters who reportedly hailed the unwelcome vessel with red paint and eggs. (A few of the protestors, obviously with a sense of humor, later released a bucketful of rodents onto the ship while it was docked at port.) Consequently, the Polish welcome wagon was vilified by mainstream European media outlets as angry,fierce,irate,outraged,abusive,and insulting. They were labeled ultra-conservative and reactionary.

Given the extraordinary situation after all, an unwelcome boat was launched from a foreign land to dock in Poland for the express purpose of subverting the countrys laws is their righteous indignation not understandable and justified, even healthy? Women on Waves unapologetically trumpeted their intentions across Europe even before the Langenort put to sea. Consequently, the Polish protestors saw the voyage for what it was: an invasion

The Nationalist resistance is not confined to former-Soviet Bloc Poland, news is Portugal, the most literally Western country of continental Europe used its Navy to bloc the invasion:

Lisbon, Portugal ( -- Portuguese officials used their navy on Sunday to prevent the Dutch abortion boat from entering waters controlled by the western European country in order to distribute abortion drugs.

The "Dutch Abortion Ship" has also travelled to Ireland ( the other Western country that outlaws abortion) where it only met vocal resistance, and also set sail for many countries in Africa and Latin America. I wonder why these "daring" and "bold" Western death missionaries do not set sail for pre-dominantly Muslim countries, which all vehemently ban abortion? Maybe it's because, sadly, the Muslims may be the one religious group of people left in this world who still know how to defend themselves from a foreign invader?


Blogger Johnny said...

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Your very welcome, Nikos.

Takis is our most under-appreciated Greek writer. During the days of the Aprilist Revolution , he was the only Greek and English speaking journalist at the time to write for a now-defunt "pro-Junta" newspaper and for UPI, and has had the privlege to be one of the only writers to cover the tumultous years of 1967-1974 as a society insider ( he comes from a wealthy shipping family) , his book "The Greek Upheavel" has a lot of inside information on the Greek establishment who supported Papadopoulos and then soon opportunistically turned on him, he also was one of five jounralists to run just behind the famous tank that crashed through the gates of the Poltechnic University back in the day. The most interesting part of his thesis on the Aprilists was that they were ,indeed, anti-establishment.

Over the years he's gotten a rep. for being the only writer I know of who could write honestly about "race" and could brave the "anti-semite" label with pride, while still getting published in such mainstream conservative english lang. newspapers as THE LONDON SPECTATOR, he also had a great ride with New York Press back in its heyday.

The pride Muslims show in defending their religion and their people, would have been expected from Greeks (women included) until, sadly, a few decades ago...

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